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Nail by Brothers Grimm

Name and the Game, by Fannie Hurst

Nameless Stream by Mackay

Nan Sherwood at Rose Ranch, by Annie Roe Carr

Nan Sherwood's Winter Holidays, by Annie Roe Carr

Nancy: A Song, by Robert Bloomfield

Napoleon B. Bryant by Hon. J. M. Shirley

Napoleon by General Foy

Napoleon by J. G. Lockhart

Napoleon of the People, by Honore de Balzac

Narrative of John Ward Gibson

Narrow Road by Douglas Hyde

Natalie Ivanhoff, A Memory of Fort Ross, by Gertrude Atherton

Nathan Crosby by S. P. Hadley

Nathan Hale by Charles Dudley Warner

Nathan the Wise by Gotthold Ephraim Lessing

Nathaniel Peabody Rogers, by John Greenleaf Whittier

Nathaniel White

Nathaniel Wentworth Cumner by J. W. Fellows

National Hymn by Capt. E. Griswold

National Park Protective Act

Native and the Odd Fish by Anonymous

Native Soil, by Alan E. Nourse

Native Village by Louis Becke

Natives, by Katherine MacLean

Natt Head

Natural Curiosities in Kentucky by Martha Grassham Purcell

Naturalization by Charles Dudley Warner

Naturalness of Spirit Life, by Sir David Brewster

Nature and Time, by Lord Dunsany

Nature Spirits, or Elementals by Nizida

Nature's Danger Signals, A Study of the Faces of Murderers by J. Holt Schooling

Nature's Violet Children by Ellen Robena Field

Naughty Nasna by Laura E. Richards

Naughty Pumpkin's Fate by Anonymous

Nauvoo by Robert W. Chambers

Navajo Turquoise Ring by Will C. Barnes

Naval Tactics of 1851

Naval Victories of Phormio by H. L. Havell

Navel Orange in California by Ella M. Sexton

Newton Forster, by Frederick Marryat

Nay, Hylas, I have come by Frances Fuller Victor

Neal Malone by William Carleton

Neal, the Miller, A Son of Liberty, by James Otis

Nearer Home by Phoebe Cary

Nearly Lost by Unknown

Nebraska Loadstone by Anthony Hope

Neck or Nothing. from, Edinburgh Literary Journal

Necklace of Princess Fiorimonde by Mary De Morgan

Necklace of Tears by Mrs. Egerton Eastwick

Ned M'Keown Stories by William Carleton

Neddy's Half Holiday

Need Must when the Devil Drives by Morgan Robertson

Ne'er Do Well, by Rex Beach

Neglected Salute

Negore, the Coward by Jack London

Negro Baby's Funeral by Will Carleton

Negroes by Albany Poyntz

Neighbors of Bethlehem, Thirteenth Century French Carol

Neighbors of the Christ Night by Nora Archibald Smith

Nelly's Hospital by Louisa May Alcott

Nemesis "Vicisti Galilaeo"

Nennillo and Nennella by Giambattista Basile

Nest Egg by Anonymous

Nest in the Honeysuckles, and other Stories by Various

Nest of the Goldfinch Birds by Sturm

Nesting Habits of the Passenger Pigeon by Dr. Morris Gibbs

Net, by Rex Beach

Nettle Gatherer, from the Swedish

Nevada by Frances Fuller Victor

New Apples in the Garden, by Kris Ottman Neville

New Arabian Nights, by Robert Louis Stevenson

New "Beauty and the Beast"

New Christmas Tract by Hannah More

New Collected Rhymes, by Andrew Lang

New Cure for Heart Break to Little Miss Previous, by Douglass Sherley

New Departure in Chrysanthemums by A. H. Fewkes

New England Raid by E. F. Pollard

New England Winter Scene by William Cutter

New Feminine Reserve by Charles Dudley Warner

New Gulliver and Other Stories by Barry Pain

New Haven Storm Ship

New Heart by Guthrie

New Jerusalem, by G. K. Chesterton

New Leaf by Carrie Shaw Rice

New Life by Unknown

New Penelope and Other Stories and Poems by Frances Fuller Victor

New Plants from Afghanistan by Max Leichtlin

New Poems, by Robert Louis Stevenson

New Red Riding Hood by Anonymous

New Red, White and Blue by Jeff. Thompson

New Reign, by H. G. Wells

New Revelation, by Arthur Conan Doyle

New Song to the Old Tune of "Kate Kearney" by F. G.

New Villa by Anton Chekhov

New Way to Pay Old Debts by Philip Massinger

New World, by Horatio Alger
New Year by Alfred Tennyson

New Year by H. S. Caswell

New Year Carol by John Weiss

New Year's Gift by Guy de Maupassant

New York by James Fenimore Cooper

Newbury's Old Elm

Newmarket by Captain R. Bird Thompson

News Boys Bank by the American Sunday-School Union

News From Troy!, by A. T. Quiller-Couch

News is brought to Achilles by H. L. Havell

Newsboy by E. T. Corbett

Newspaper Made Man by Charles Dudley Warner

Newton, Sir Isaac by Faye Huntington

Next World, A Santhal Pargana Tale

Niagara by Charles M. Skinner

Nice People, by Henry Cuyler Bunner

Nicky Nan, Reservist, by Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch

Nicodemus: The Seeker after Religion by Chapin

Nicolo in Vienna by E. R.

Nicolo's Little Friend by H. A. F.

Niello, by Madison Cawein

Niels Ebbesen and Germand Gladenswayne, by George Borrow

Night, A Play, by Sholom Asch

Night After Christmas

Night Among the Nihilists by A. Conan Doyle

Night At Wingdam, by Bret Harte

Night Attack by Arthur Stanwood Pier

Night Before Christmas and Other Popular Stories For Children, by Various

Night by William Blake

Night Express by Fred M. White

Night Herding Song by Harry Stephens

Night Horseman, by Max Brand

Night in a Workhouse by James Greenwood

Night in the Dreadnought by Talbot Baines Reed

Night in the Garden Of The Tuileries by Charles Dudley Warner

Night in the Pines, by Robert Louis Stevenson

Night Land, by William Hope Hodgson

Night on the Lake by Su Tong-Po

Night That Patti Sang by Charles Weathers Bump

Night Watches, by Elizabeth Stuart Phelps

Night with a Stork by W. E. Wilcox

Night with a Wolf by Bayard Taylor

Night with the Rapparees by Edmund Leamy

Nightingale and Glowworm by Cowper

Nightingale and the Rose by Oscar Wilde

Nightingale by Hans Christian Andersen

Nightingale by Sara Cone Bryant

Nightingale, the Valkyrie and Raven, by George Borrow

Nightmare Abbey, by Thomas Love Peacock

Nightmare, from Equus.

Nights at Sea by the Old Sailor

Nightshade, by Fannie Hurst

Nina by Louis Becke

Nine Tenths, by James Oppenheim

Nino by Sara Conant

Ninth Commandment, by Fannie Hurst

Ninth Vibration And Other Stories by L. Adams Beck

Nisus and Euryalus by F. Storr

Nix of the Mill-Pond by Brothers Grimm

Nix's Mate by Charles M. Skinner

No Flowers, by Gordon Arthur Smith

No Hiding Place, by Richard R. Smith

No News, by Elizabeth Stuart Phelps

No Sects in Heaven by Elizabeth H. Jocelyn Cleaveland

No Shield from the Dead, by Gordon Rupert Dickson

No Surrender, Ever constant, ever true

Nobility and Trade by Albany Poyntz

Noble Burghers of Calais by Charlotte M. Yonge

Noble Life, by Dinah Maria Mulock Craik

Noble Woman, the Life Story of Edith Cavell, by Ernest Protheroe

Noblesse by Mary E. Wilkins Freeman

Nobody's Child by Phila H. Case

Nobody's Man, by E. Phillips Oppenheim

NoŽra, by Madison Cawein

Noisy Fly, by Jeannette Marks

Nonentity by Ethel M. Dell

Nonsense Anthology, by Collected by Carolyn Wells

Nonsense Novels, by Stephen Leacock

Normandy Joke by Guy de Maupassant

Norse Tales and Sketches, by Alexander Lange Kielland

Norseman's Ride by Bayard Taylor

North Carolina Call to Arms by Luola

North Carolinaís War Song

North Pacific Lagoon Island by Louis Becke

North Winds Malice by Rex Beach

Northern Seas by Mary Howitt

Nose by Nicholas Gogol

Nose for the King by Jack London

Nose, the Dwarf by Wilhelm Hauff

Nostrums and Specifics by Albany Poyntz

Not a Bad Deal by Anthony Hope

Not a Bit Afraid by Anonymous

Not Guilty by Unknown

Not that it Matters, by A. A. Milne

Notable Ohioans by William Dean Howells

Notch on the Ax by William Makepeace Thackeray

Note Book of Anton Chekhov, Translated by S. S. Koteliansky and Leonard Woolf

Notes by Flood and Field by Bret Harte

Notes by P. G. Wodehouse

Notes from Underground by Fyodor Dostoevsky

Notes to the Complete Poetical Works of Percy Bysshe Shelley, by Mary W. Shelley

Nothing Finished by Unknown

Nothing to Do

Nothing to Eat, by Horatio Alger and Thomas Chandler Haliburton

Noughts and Crosses, by Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch

Novel And The Common School by Charles Dudley Warner

Novel Postman by Alice Wheildon

November, by Madison Cawein

November Shooting by "Old Calabar"

Now, Talking About Cricket by P. G. Wodehouse

Now the Sun is Sinking

Number 13, by M. R. James

Number 7639 by Mary Frances Peard

Nuns of Carthage by Charles M. Skinner

Nuremberg by H. W. Longfellow

Nursery Maid of Heaven by Thomas Wood Stevens

Nurse's Song, Traditional


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