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Sabbath, Its Uses, by Rev. Lyman Beecher

Sabbath of a Great Author by Edgar Wilson Nye

Sabine Pass by Mrs. M. J. Young

Sabot of Little Wolff, by Francois Coppee

Sack of Emeralds, by Lord Dunsany

Sack of Troy by F. Storr

Sacred Plants, by T. F. Thiselton-Dyer

Sad Shepherd, A Christmas Story, by Henry Van Dyke

Saddle, A Collection of Poems on Horseback-Riding by Various

Safety Curtain and Other Stories, by Ethel M. Dell

Safety Match by Anton Chekhoff

Sailing the Boats by George Cooper

Sailor's Wife by William J. Mickle

Sailor's Yarns by Pierre Loti

Saint and the Goblin by Saki

Saint Anthony by Guy de Maupassant

Saint Emily by E. F. Frye

Saint Mark's Eve, by Washington Irving

Saints and Holy Wells by Thomas Frost

Sale by Guy de Maupassant

Sale of the Southwicks

Salem Alchemist

Salem and other Witchcraft

Sally Sunbeam by Unknown

Salmon Fishing in Ireland, by James A. Froude

Salmon Spearing

Salomy Jane's Kiss by Bret Harte

Saltbush Bill by A. B. Paterson

Salute to Adventurers, by John Buchan

Salvage by Morgan Robertson

Salvation of A Forsyte by John Galsworthy

Sam Chung and the Water Demon, by J. Macgowan

Sam Rice's Romance by Frances Fuller Victor

Sam Wham and the Sawmont by Sir Samuel Ferguson

Sambo's Dilemma

Sam's Chance, by Horatio Alger

Samson Agonistes by John Milton

Samuel F. Smith, Author of America by Edwin Watts Chubb

Samuel Finley Breese Morse by Hattie E. Macomber

Samuel Hopkins, by John Greenleaf Whittier

Samuel Metcalf Wheeler

Samuel Sewall's Prophecy

Samuel Taylor Coleridge in School and College by Edwin Watts Chubb

San Francisco Auctioneer by Anon

Sancho Panza's Story of His Visit to the Lady Dulcinea by Judge Parry

Sancho's Journey to the Lady Dulcinea by Judge Parry

Sanctuaries by William E. A. Axon, F.R.S.L.

Sand Painting of the Song-Hunter, by Katharine Berry Judson

Sandalphon by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Sandman by Margaret Vandegrift

Sandpiper by C. T.

Sandpiper by Mrs. Thaxter

Sandpiper's Trick, by Celia Thaxter

Sankey's Double-header by Frank H. Spearman

Sant' Ilario, by F. Marion Crawford

Santa Claus Does Not Forget by M. A. Haley

Santa Claus will come to-night

Santa Claus's Letter

Santa Claus's Postman

Santa Filomena by Henry W. Longfellow

Santa Klaas and Black Pete, by William Elliot Griffis

Santos Dumont and His Air-Ship by Russell Doubleday

Sarah's Sunday Out by Amy Walton

Sardis, the Ancient Capital of the Kingdom of Lydia

Sargasso Sea, by Thomas A. Janvier

Sarrasine, by Honore de Balzac

Sarsagun Maiden, A Santhal Pargana Tale

Satan and his Burial-Place

Satan's Address to the Sun by Milton

Satin Bower-Bird of Australia

Satires by Juvenal

Satyr by Barry Pain

Savareen's Disappearance by John Charles Dent

Saved by A Fiddle by Sir Lascelles Wraxall

Saved by A Gipsy

Saved by a Lark by Lenore Elizabeth Mulets

Saved by a Seal, by Theodore A. Cutting

Saved by the Lifeboat, by R. M. Ballantyne

Saved by W. Clark Russell

Savonarola, by G. K. Chesterton

Savonarola, Girolamo by Faye Huntington

Sawdust in the Arena by William Dean Howells

Scamper Through the Park by Edgar Wilson Nye

Scandal, by Willa Cather

Scar Face, An Indian Tale

Scarecrow by G. Ranger Wormser

Scarhaven Keep, by J. S. Fletcher

Scarlet Car, by Richard Harding Davis

Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne

Scarlet Pimpernel, by Baroness Orczy

Scenes in the Life of A Gambler by Unknown

Schalken the Painter, by Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu

School Days at the Convent, by George Sand

School Friends, by Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch

School Story, by Montague Rhodes James

Schoolboy and the Bonga, A Santhal Pargana Tale

Schoolboy's Pilgrimage by Jane Taylor

Schooldays of John Keats by Edwin Watts Chubb

Schoolmaster and the Empire, by H. G. Wells

Schoolmaster, by Washington Irving

Schoolmasters Guests by Will Carleton

Schoolmasters Progress, by Caroline M.S. Kirkland

Scientist Rises, by Desmond Winter Hall

Scolding Old Dame, he wished himself dead

Scotch Express by Stephen Crane

Scrap, by Lucia Chamberlain

Scrap of Curious History by Mark Twain

Scud by Herbert Ward

Sculptor's Funeral by Willa Cather

Scylla, the Daughter of Nisus by Mrs. Guy E. Lloyd

Sea by Guy de Maupassant

Sea Fight by Anon

Sea Fight in the Time of Queen Bess by Charles Kingsley

Sea Fishing in Australia by Louis Becke

Sea Fogs, by Robert Louis Stevenson

Sea Gull, A Play In Four Acts, by Anton Checkov

Sea Gullibles, by Fannie Hurst

Sea Hare by Brothers Grimm

Sea Maiden, by Joseph Jacobs

Sea Pigeons by Lenore Elizabeth Mulets

Sea Spirit, by Madison Cawein

Sea, the Fox, and the Wolf by Ramaswami Raju

Sealed Room by Bernhard Severin Ingemann

Search for Norumbega by Thomas Wentworth

Search for the Corn Maidens, by Katharine Berry Judson

Search for the Middle and the Hardening of the World

Seas and Hills by Boris Pilniak

Seaside Lodgings by Percy Reeve

Seasons by Thomson

Seaton's Aunt, by Walter de la Mare

Second Bass by George A. Birmingham

Second Chance, by Nellie L. McClung

Second Deluge, by Garrett P. Serviss

Second Dormitory by John Preston True

Second Fiddle by Ethel May Dell

Second Generation by Algernon Blackwood

Second Home, by Honore de Balzac

Second Inaugural Address, by Abraham Lincoln

Second Landing, by Floyd Wallace

Second Marriage, by Samuel Warren

Second Sight, by Alan Edward Nourse

Second Sight, by Basil Wells

Second Voyage of Sindbad the Sailor

Secret by Mary R. Whittlesey

Secret by Paul De Kock

Secret City, by Hugh Walpole

Secret Sharer, by Joseph Conrad

Secret Witness by B. S. Ingemann

Secrets of the Princesse de Cadignan, by Honore de Balzac

See Yup by Bret Harte

Seein' Things by Eugene Field

Seeing's not Believing by Thomas Haynes Bayley

Selected Stories by Bret Harte

Selections from Five English Poets, by Various

Self Heal by Unknown

Selfhood and Sacrifice by Orville Dewey

Selfish Ella by the American Sunday-School Union

Selfish Giant by Oscar Wilde

Selfish Sparrow and the Houseless Crows, An Oriental Tale

Selina and her Doll by Anonymous

Semper Fidelis by Addie B. Billington

Semper Idem by Jack London

Senator North, by Gertrude Atherton

Sending of Dana Da by Rudyard Kipling

Senior Fellow, by Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch

Senorita, by Madison Cawein

Sensitive Man, by Poul William Anderson

Sentimental Journey, by Laurence Sterne

Sentinel’s Dream of Home by Col. A. M. Hobby

September by Esse V. Hathaway

September by George Arnold

September Days by Helen L. Smith

September Gale by O. W. Holmes

Serenade to Francesca by W.

Sergt. Warren Comes Back from France by Fisher Ames, Jr.

Sermon in Rhyme, If you have a friend worth loving

Serpent by Giambattista Basile

Serpent Knight, by George Borrow

Serpent's Story by Leonid Andreyev

Service Flag by William Herschell

Set Not Thy Foot on Graves by Julian Hawthorne

Seven An Six, by Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch

Seven Bell Boat, by Bartimeus

Seven Chiefs Against Thebes by Alfred Church

Seven Doves by Giambattista Basile

Seven Poor Travellers, by Charles Dickens

Seven Ravens, by Brothers Grimm

Seven Times One by Day Noble

Seventoe's Ghost by Mary E. Wilkins

Severed Hand, by Wilhelm Hauff

Sex that Doesn’t Shop by Saki

Sexton's Adventure, by Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu

Shad Spirit, by John Greenleaf Whittier

Shadow by G. Ranger Wormser

Shadow of A Crime by Hall Caine

Shadow of A Midnight, A Ghost Story by Maurice Baring

Shadow of the Beeches, by Madison Cawein

Shadow of the Cathedral, by Vicente Blasco Ibañez

Shadow of the North, by Joseph A. Altsheler

Shadowed Star by Mary MacMillan

Shadows on the Wall by Mary Eleanor Wilkins Freeman

Shaker Girl by Caroline Lee Hentz

Shakespeare Bacon Imbroglio by Andrew Lang

Shakespeare, Memorable in History

Shakespeare Papers -- No. III

Shakespeare Papers -- No. IV

Shakespeare Papers -- No. V

Shakespeare's Sonnets, by William Shakespeare

Shaking of the Heavens and the Earth by Kingsley

Shall He Wed Her? by Anna Katharine Green

Shall Women Propose? by Charles Dudley Warner

Sham by Frank G. Tompkins

Sham Fight by Anonymous

Shamus O'Brien, The Bold Boy of Glingall, A Tale of '98 by Samuel Lover

Shanty Boy, I am a jolly shanty boy,

Shape of Fear, And Other Ghostly Tales by Elia W. Peattie

Share and Share Alike by Robert Barr

Sharing Joy and Sorrow, by Brothers Grimm

She Bear by Giambattista Basile

She Hamlet by William Dean Howells

She Stoops to Conquer by Oliver Goldsmith

She Walks in Beauty, by Fannie Hurst

She Was a Phantom of Delight by William Wordsworth

She would be a Mason

Shee an Gannon and the Gruagach Gaire, by Joseph Jacobs

Sheep and Pig who Set up Housekeeping, A Scandinavian Story

Sheep and the Goat

Sheep by Francis C. Woodworth

Sheik, A Novel by E. M. Hull

Shelley as a Freshman by Edwin Watts Chubb

Shepherd and his Dog Rover: Song, by Robert Bloomfield

Shepherd in the Distance by Holland Hudson

Shepherd of Myddvai, by Joseph Jacobs

Shepherd of the Planets, by Alan Mattox

Shepherd Who Stayed by Theodosia Garrison

Shepherd's Boy, by Richard Middleton

Shepherd's Had an Angel by Christina G. Rossetti

Shepherd's Home by William Shenstone

Shepherd's Song by Sara Cone Bryant

Sheridan's Ride by Thomas Buchanan Read

Sheriff and His Partner by Frank Harris

Shetland Women by Anonymous

Shield of Achilles by H. L. Havell

Shin Bones by Jack London

Shining Band by Robert W. Chambers

Shining Cross of Rigaud by Edward William Thomson

Shining Posy by Anthony Raftery

Ship of '49, by Bret Harte

Ship on Fire at Sea by Jean Ingelow

Ships of the Desert, by Lillian M. Gask

Shipwreck, by Joseph Spillman

Shipwrecked Mariner's Treasure by Carit Etlar

Shiragiku, or White Chrysanthemum by Yei Theodora Ozaki

Sho of Japan and the Kou of China by Helena Heath

Shocking Affair by P. G. Wodehouse

Shoes That Were Danced to Pieces, by Brothers Grimm

Shonkeek Moonkeek

Shooting a Stag With Cherrystones R. E. Raspe

Shooting by Captain R. Bird Thompson

Shooting by Hon. Mrs. Lancelot Lowther

Shooting of the Red Eagle, by Zitkala-Sa

Shooting up of Horse Head by Will C. Barnes

Shop In Go By Street, by Lord Dunsany

Shores of Greece by Byron

Short Cruises, by W.W. Jacobs

Short Rations; or The Corn-fed Army

Short Stories of the New America by Various

Shorty Dreams by Jack London

Shrieking Woman by Charles M. Skinner

Shrine of St. Wagner by Mark Twain

Siamese Hair Cutting

Sidney Lanier by Edwin Watts Chubb

Siege of Antioch by Popular Delusions

Siege of the "Lancashire Queen" by Jack London

Siege of Tyre by Langhorne's Plutarch

Siege of Zamora by Robert Southey

Sierra Nevada, or Snowy Range of California by Fremont's Travels

Sieur George, by George Washington Cable

Sieve of Fulfilment, by Fannie Hurst

Sight in Savages, by W. H. Hudson

Sights from a Steeple, by Nathaniel Hawthorne

Sigismund Fatello by Frederick Hardman

Sign at Six, by Stewart Edward White

Sign of the Savage by William D. Howells

Sign of the Serpent by G. T. Ferris

Signal Man by Charles Dickens

Signelil, by George Borrow

Signs of Christmas by Edwin Lees

Sikhar Raja, A Santhal Pargana Tale

Silas Jackson by Paul Laurence Dunbar

Silence, A Fable by Edgar Allan Poe

Silence by John Galsworthy

Silent Bullet, A Mystery, by Arthur B. Reeve

Silent Children by Elizabeth Stuart Phelps

Silent Reproof by Unknown

Silhouette Party by Anonymous

Silhouettes by Jerome K. Jerome

Silkworms, by Lafcadio Hearn

Silly Young Rabbit

Silver and Gold by Ellis Gray

Silver Christ by Ouida

Silver Hatchet by A. Conan Doyle

Silver Hen by Mary E. Wilkins

Silver Horde, by Rex Beach

Silver Jack, I was on the drive in eighty

Silver Shower, by John Maurice Miller

Silver Threads Among the Gold by Eben Eugene Rexford

Silverwhite and Lillwacker

Simeli Mountain, by Brothers Grimm

Simon G. Griffin by Rev. A, B. Crawford

Simon's Papa by Guy de Maupassant

Simple Act of Piety by Achmed Abdullah

Simple Husband and the Prudent Wife

Simple Soul, by Gustave Flaubert

Simplicity by Charles Dudley Warner

Simplicity in Writing by Hume

Simplified Alphabet by Mark Twain

Simpson's Snipe by Terence le Smithe

Sin Eater by Fiona Macleod

Sin Estimated by the Light of Heaven by Edward Payson

Sin of Omission by Margaret E. Sangster

Sin of the Coppenter Man by Edmund Vance Cooke

Sin of the Prince Bishop by William Canton

Since Then, by Madison Cawein

Sing Song of Old Man Kangaroo by Rudyard Kipling

Singeing the King of Spain's Beard by Hilda T. Skae

Singers Yet to Be

Singing Bird

Singing Bone, by Brothers Grimm

Singing Leaves by James Russell Lowell

Singing, Springing Lark, by Brothers Grimm

Singular "Hamlet" by Edgar Wilson Nye

Singular Letter from Southern Africa by the Ettrick Shepherd

Sinking Ship, by Robert Louis Stevenson

Sioux Indians, we heard a low yell

Sir Agravaine by P. G. Wodehouse

Sir Buzz by Flora Annie Steel

Sir David Lyndesay's Dream. Written in the Reign of King James V.

Sir Galahad and the Sacred Cup by Mary MacGregor

Sir Galahad by George A. Birmingham

Sir Gobble by Anonymous

Sir Humphrey Gilbert by James Baldwin

Sir John Constantine, by Prosper Paleologus Constantine

Sir John Falstaff by W. M.

Sir Lancelot and Queen Guinevere by Alfred Tennyson

Sir Lancelot and the Adventure of the Castle Perilous by Beatrice Clay

Sir Lancelot and the Falcon by Beatrice Clay

Sir Lancelot of the Lake by Thomas Wentworth

Sir Mathew Ale by Anonymous

Sir Patrick Spence

Sir Philip Sidney at Zutphen by Edwin Watts Chubb

Sir Philip Sidney by James Baldwin

Sir Richard's Squires by Charles W. Whistler

Sir Thomas Gresham

Sir Timothy's Dinner Party by George A. Birmingham

Sir Walter Raleigh by James Baldwin

Sir William Pepperell, by Nathaniel Hawthorne

Sir William Phips, by Nathaniel Hawthorne

Sir William Wallace by Walter Scott

Sire De Maletroit's Door, by Robert Louis Stevenson

Sirens by V. C. Turnbull

Sirrah, the Ettrick Shepherd’s Dog by W. H. G. Kingston

Sister and I, We were hunting for wintergreen berries

Sister by Henry Seton Merriman

Sister in Law Who Was a Witch, A Santhal Pargana Tale

Sister Josepha by Alice Dunbar

Sister Silvia by Mary Agnes Tincker

Sisters by James Joyce

Sisters Confession by Guy de Maupassant

Sisters In Law, by Gertrude Atherton

Sitting in Judgment by Andrew Barton 'Banjo' Paterson

Six Feet Four, by Jackson Gregory

Six Servants, by Brothers Grimm

Six Swans by W. and J. Grimm

Six Things Behind by Unknown

Skalunda Giant

Skating by Miss May Balfour

Skating Party and Other Stories, by Unknown

Skeleton in Armor

Sketches from Concord and Appledore by Frank Preston Stearns

Sketches from Memory, by Nathaniel Hawthorne

Sketches of Naval Life during the War by the Old Sailor

Sketches of Western North Carolina, by C. L. Hunter

Sketches of Young Couples, by Charles Dickens

Sketches of Young Gentlemen by Charles Dickens

Skew Ball Black, It was down to Red River I came

Skilful Huntsman, by Brothers Grimm

Skilful Physician by Anonymous

Skinner's Cave

Skipper Ireson's Ride

Skull in the Wall by Charles M. Skinner

Skylark by James Hogg

Slanderer, by Anton Chekhov

Slave, by Madison Cawein

Slave who Stole Freedom by Frederick Douglass

Slave with Two Faces by Mary Carolyn Davies

Slaver's Revenge by Harry Collingwood

Slaying and Avenging of Patroclus, by Andrew Lang

Slaying of Paris, by Andrew Lang

Sleeper Awakes, by H. G. Wells

Sleeping Beauty, Edited by Watty Piper

Sleeping Beauty in the Wood, A Tale

Sleeping Car, by William D. Howells

Sleeping Draught by Anonymous

Sleeping Fires, by Gertrude Atherton

Sleepy Time Tales: The Tale of Fatty Coon, by Arthur Scott Bailey

Slightly Deaf by Bracebridge Hemming

Sloth, in its Wild Condition

Slothful Toad, by Jeannette Marks

Slow Poison, by Alice Duer Miller

Slump by Frederic L. Day

Slype House by Arthur Christopher Benson

Small Beginnings by Charles Mackay

Small People, by Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch

Small Pox and Vaccination by Albany Poyntz

Small World by Henry Seton Merriman

Smoke by Snodgrass

Smoothing His Father's Wrinkles

Smudge, by Fannie Hurst

Smuggler Chief, A Novel by Gustave Aimard

Smyrna, City of Natolia, in Asia by Unknown

Snail and The Rose-Tree, by Hans Christian Andersen

Snake by Stephen Crane

Snake, the Leper, and the Grey Frost by Arthur Christopher Benson

Snake Woman and King Ali Mardan by Flora Annie Steel

Snap Dragons, A Tale of Christmas Eve by Juliana H. Ewing

Snipe by Guy de Maupassant

Snoring of Swunksus

Snow Banners by John Muir

Snow Birds by Anonymous

Snow by Boris Pilniak

Snow by Lenore Elizabeth Mulets

Snow Fall, Old Winter Comes

Snow Fancies by Lucy Larcom

Snow Image by Nathaniel Hawthorne

Snow Man by Marian Douglas

Snow Queen by Hans Christian Andersen

Snow Storm by H. S. Caswell

Snow White and Rose Red

Snow White and Rose Red

Snow Wind by Boris Pilniak

Snowbird's Song, from the "Second Reader"

Snowdrop and Seven Little Dwarfs, Edited by Watty Piper

Snowy Breasted Pearl by George Petrie

Snuffbox by Paul Sébillot

Snyder's Nose, from Our Fat Contributor

So called Science of Sociology, by H. G. Wells

So So by Juliana Horatio Ewing

Sob Sister, by Fannie Hurst

Social Clearing House by Charles Dudley Warner

Social Kaleidoscope by George R. Sims

Social Organization of the Blackfeet, by George Bird Grinnell

Social Screaming by Charles Dudley Warner

Social Triangle by O. Henry

Society by Virginia Woolf

Society for the Reformation of Poker Players by Robert Barr

Socrates Snooks, a lord of creation

Sofei gathering Flowers by Wang Chang-Ling

Solander's Radio Tomb, by Ellis Parker Butler

Solar Magnet, by Sterner St. Paul Meek

Soldier and Death, by Arthur Ransome

Soldier and Sailor by Thomas Campbell

Soldier of the Light Infantry, by Emile Gaboriau

Soldier of Virginia , by Burton Egbert Stevenson

Soldier’s Amen, We’ll pray

Soldier’s Death by A. B. Cunningham

Soldier's Dream by Thomas Campbell

Soldier’s Farewell, Hark! the tocsin is sounding

Soldier's Farewell to his Wife by Su-Wu

Soldier’s Suit of Gray by Miss Carrie Bell Sinclair

Solid Gold Reef Company, Limited, by Walter Besant

Solid Muldoon by Rudyard Kipling

Solitaire by Fleta Campbell Springer

Solitary Reaper by William Wordsworth

Solitude by Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Solomon John Goes for Apples by Lucretia P. Hale

Solomon's Grouch: The Story of a Bear, by Franklin W. Calkins

Some Animal Friends in Africa, by Bayard Taylor

Some Anomalies of the Short Story by William Dean Howells

Some Causes of the Prevailing Discontent by Charles Dudley Warner

Some Curious Horses by Captain R. Bird Thompson

Some Freaks of Fate by John A. Hill

Some Indian Dolls by Olive Thorne Miller

Some Magic and a Moral by Virginia H. Reichard

Some New Roses by Edwin Lonsdale

Some of My War Stories, by Allen Ripley Foote

Some Old Doctors by Mrs. G. Linnaeus Banks

Some Odd Ways of Fishing by G. Christopher Davies

Some Possible Discoveries, by H. G. Wells

Some True Stories of Horses and Donkeys, by W. H. G. Kingston

Some True Stories of Tigers, Wolves, Foxes, and Bears, by W. H. G. Kingston

Some Voices from the Kitchen Garden, by Mrs. Alfred Gatty

Some Women in the Indian Wars by Edward Eggleston

Some Wonderful Sights in California by Ella M. Sexton

Some Words on Loving Shakespeare, by William A. Quayle

Somebody's Darling by Maria La Coste

Somebody's Mother, The woman was old, and ragged and gray,

Something About Fires by Anonymous

Something Else Again, by Franklin P. Adams

Something in it, by Robert Louis Stevenson

Something to Worry About by P. G. Wodehouse

Somewhere in the Wood by Carl Ewald

Somnambulism by Albany Poyntz

Son by Guy de Maupassant

Son by Ivan Alekseyevich Bunin

Son of a Soldier by Owen Oliver

Son of Seven Mothers by Flora Annie Steel

Son of Tarzan, by Edgar Rice Burroughs

Son of the Gods, by Ambrose Bierce

Song and Legend From the Middle Ages by William D. McClintock

Song, by May Edginton

Song, Faintly Flows the Falling River

Song for the South

Song from the Lady of the Lake by Sir Walter Scott

Song Hunter, by Katharine Berry Judson

Song in a Minor Key, by Catherine Lucille Moore

Song of a Shepherd Boy at Bethlehem by Josephine Preston Peabody

Song of Deirdra, by George Borrow

Song of Easter by Celia Thaxter

Song of Hiawatha by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Song of Hooker’s Picket

Song of Marion's Men by William Cullen Bryant

Song of Princess Tze-Yuh by Han-Chong

Song of the Bird by Unknown

Song of the Blackbird, by Lord Dunsany

Song of the Chattahoochee by Sidney Lanier

Song of the Christmas Stockings by Margaret Sidney

Song of the Cover by Unknown

Song of the Exile

Song of the Greeks by Thomas Campbell

Song of the Lark, by Willa Cather

Song of the Marches by Li Tai-Peh

Song of the Merry Lark by Lenore Elizabeth Mulets

Song of the Metis Trapper by Rolette

Song of the Modern Time

Song of the Morrow, by Robert Louis Stevenson

Song of the Old Bell

Song of the Privateer by Alex. A. Cummins

Song of the Road by R. L. Stevenson

Song of the Rose by T. E. D.

Song of the Sea by Barry Cornwall

Song of the Snow by Luh Fang-Weng

Song of the Snow by Mrs. M. J. Preston

Song of the South

Song of the Southern Soldier by P. E. C.

Song of the Texas Rangers by Mrs. J. D. Young

Songs for a Little House, by Christopher Morley

Songs from Books, by Rudyard Kipling

Songs of Birds by Dr. Jenner

Songs of Ranild, by George Borrow

Songs of the Army of the Night, by Francis Adams

Songs of Travel, by Robert Louis Stevenson

Songs Out of Doors, by Henry Van Dyke

Sonnet to A Fog by Egerton Webbe

Sonny's Wish by Bertha M. Shambaugh

Sons of the Raban Rājā, A Santhal Pargana Tale

Sons of the Tigress, A Santhal Pargana Tale

Sons of William the Conqueror by James Baldwin

Sorcerers and Magicians by Albany Poyntz

Sorcerers, by W. B. Yeats

Sorrows of Werther by W. M. Thackeray

Soul of A Policeman, by Richard Middleton

Soul of Laploshka by Saki

Soul of O Sana San by Alice Hegan Rice

Souls Belated by Edith Wharton

Sound the Loud Timbrel by Thomas Moore

Sounds from Home by Alice B. Neal

South African Folk Tales, by James A. Honey

South for Me, the sunny clime

South, or, I Love Thee the More

South our Country by E. M. Thompson

South Sea Bubble of Charles Du Breil by Louis Becke

Southern Banner by Col. W. S. Hawkins

Southern Battle Song

Southern Cross by St. Geo. Tucker

Southern Flag, Three cheers

Southern Gathering Song by L. Virginia French

Southern Marseillaise

Southern Soldier Boy by Father Ryan

Southern Soldier Boy, Sung by Miss Sallie Partington

Southern Song by L. M.

Southern Song by Miss Maria Grason

Southern Song, Come, all ye sons

Southern Song of Freedom

Southern Stories, Retold from St. Nicholas by the Century Co.

Southern War Cry, To death or victory

Southern War Songs by Various

Southern Woman’s Song

Southron’s Chant of Defiance by C. A. Warfield

Southron’s War Song by J. A. Waginer

Southron’s Watchword by M. F. Bigney

Southwest Chamber by Mary Eleanor Wilkins Freeman

Space Rover, by Edwin K. Sloat

Spaniels of the Monks of St. Bernard by The Menageries

Spanish Doubloons, by Camilla Kenyon

Sparrow And His Four Children, by Brothers Grimm

Sparrow and the Bush

Sparrow and the Crow by Flora Annie Steel

Sparrow, humblest bird

Spasm by Guy de Maupassant

Specially Jim, I was mighty good-lookin' when I was young,

Speck on the Lens, by John Kendrick Bangs

Spectral Collie, by Elia W. Peattie

Spectre in Fjelkinge, translated by Frederick H. Martens

Spectre by Anonymous

Spectre Cook of Bangletop, by John Kendrick Bangs

Spectre Lovers, by Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu

Spectre of Tappington by Unknown

Spectres of Barcelona by Edmund Leamy

Speech in Manchester, by Henry Ward Beecher

Speech on the Warpath by Katharine Berry Judson

Spell, by Madison Cawein

Spell for a Fairy by Alfred Noyes

Sphinx at Giza, by Lord Dunsany

Sphinx in Thebes, Massachusetts, by Lord Dunsany

Sphinx Without A Secret by Oscar Wilde

Spider Runners

Spider's Creation, by Katharine Berry Judson

Spider's Eye by Lucretia P. Hale

Spider's Web by Maurice Baring

Spies, Tonwa-Yah-Pe-Kin, by Mary Eastman

Spindle, Shuttle, and Needle

Spindle, The Shuttle, and the Needle by Brothers Grimm

Spinners, by Eden Phillpotts

Spinning Wheel Ditty

Spinster's Maying, by Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch

Spirit Bride, by Adelaide Procter

Spirit in the Bottle, by Brothers Grimm

Spirit of Fasting and Petter Nord, by Selma Lagerlof

Spirit of Rome, by Vernon Lee

Spirit of Spring by Laura L. Hinkley

Spirit of the Border, A Romance of the Early Settlers in the Ohio Valley by Zane Grey

Spirit of the Forest Spring, by Madison Cawein

Spirit of the River, translated by George Soulié

Splendid Hazard, by Harold MacGrath

Splendid Idle Forties, Stories of Old California, by Gertrude Atherton

Split Zephyr by Henry A. Beers

Spoilers, by Rex Beach

Sport amongst the Mountains by "Sarcelle"

Sport Royal by Julius Jason

Sporting Adventures of Charles Carrington

Sporting for Men of Moderate Means by "Old Calabar"

Sporting of the Past and the Present Day

Sportsman of Outfieldhaugh by Alexander Leighton

Sportsman's Sketches, by Ivan Turgenev

Sprightly Tailor, by Joseph Jacobs

Spring by Guy de Maupassant

Spring by Thomas Nash

Spring In Town, by Lord Dunsany

Spring Tide of Love by Mrs. Egerton Eastwick

Springs of Blood and Water

Spy, by G. A. Birmingham

Spy, by James Fenimore Cooper

Squanko by F. Cheseboro

Squire's Bride by P. C. Asbjörnsen

Squire's Sixpence by Mary E. Wilkins

Squirrel by Francis C. Woodworth

Squirrels, perched in the branches

Squirrels Story, by Lillian M. Gask

St. Agnes, Deep on the convent-roof

St. Augustine by Frank R. Stockton

St. Bernard Dog

St. Christopher of the Gael by Fiona Macleod

St. Elmo, by Augusta J. Evans

St. George and the Dragon by Jeanie Lang

St. George and the Dragon by Robert Grant

St. John's Eve by Nikolai Vasilievich Gogol

St. Joseph in the Forest by Brothers Grimm

St. Saturday by Henry Johnstone

St. Valentine's Day, Who Began it! by Olive Thorne

Staccato Notes of a Vanished Summer by William Dean Howells

Staffa by the Highland Note-Book

Stag Hunting on Exmoor by Captain Redway

Staircase At The Hearts Delight, by Anna Katharine Green

Staking A Larkspur by Anne Douglas Sedgwick

Stalls of Barchester Cathedral by Montague Rhodes James

Stampede to Squaw Creek by Jack London

Stand By the Ship by Unknown

Star Bearer by Edmund Clarence Stedman

Star by Maurice Baring

Star Dollars, from, Grimm's Household Tales

Star Dust, by Fannie Hurst

Star Mother, by Robert F. Young

Star of the West, Charleston Mercury

Starkad and Bale

Starling by Sterne

Starr, of the Desert, by B. M Bower

Stars and Stripes by Henry Russell Wray

Stars and the Bars

Stars in their Courses by John Freeman

Stars Stand up in the air

State of Arkansaw, My name is Stamford Barnes

Station by William Carleton

Station Master's Story by George R. Sims

Staying Power of Sir Rohan by Frank Stockton

Stealing of Helen, by Andrew Lang

Steam Trip to Hamburg

Steamer Chair and Other Stories by Robert Barr

Steel Door, A Mystery Story, by Arthur B. Reeve

Steeped in German by Edna Ferber

Stella Grayland by James T. McKay

Stephen Crane: A "Wonderful Boy" by Edwin Watts Chubb

Stepmother, A Drama in Five Acts, by Honore De Balzac

Stepping Stones by Wordsworth

Stevenson at Vailima by Edwin Watts Chubb

Stillness by G. Ranger Wormser

Stirring Times in Austria by Mark Twain

Stitching and Teaching by E. G. C.

Stolen Bacillus and Other Incidents by H. G. Wells

Stolen Farthings, by Brothers Grimm

Stolen Orange by Unknown

Stolen Plough, Re-told by Ellen C. Babbitt

Stolen White Elephant, by Mark Twain

Stompe Pilt, translated by Frederick H. Martens

Stone Chest, by G. A. Henty

Stone Cutter by Laure Claire Foucher

Stone in the Cock's Head by Giambattista Basile

Stoneheart, A Romance by Gustave Aimard

Stonewall Jackson by a lady formerly of Richmond

Stonewall Jackson’s Way

Stonewall’s Requiem

Stony Cross, King William Rufus by Unknown

Stop Thief, from the Chatterbox

Stopover, by William Gerken

Storage by William Dean Howells

Store Boy, by Horatio Alger, Jr.

Stories about Snakes, by Brothers Grimm

Stories and Legends of Travel and History, for Children by Grace Greenwood

Stories and Sketches by Harriet S. Caswell

Stories by American Authors, Volume 1 by Various

Stories by American Authors, Volume II, by Various

Stories by American Authors, Volume III, by Various

Stories by American Authors, Volume IV by Various

Stories by American Authors, Volume VI by Various

Stories by American Authors, Volume VII, by Various

Stories by American Authors, Volume VIII, by Various

Stories by American Authors, Volume IX, by Various

Stories by American Authors, Volume X, by Various

Stories by English Authors: Africa by Various

Stories by English Authors: France by Various

Stories by English Authors: Germany by Various

Stories by English Authors: Italy by Various

Stories by English Authors: London by Various

Stories by English Authors: Orient by Various

Stories by English Authors: Scotland by Various

Stories for Helen by Eliza Leslie

Stories for the Young by Hannah More

Stories from Hans Andersen, by Hans Christian Andersen

Stories from Livy by Alfred Church

Stories from Northern Myths, by Emilie Kip Baker

Stories from Pentamerone by Giambattista Basile

Stories from the Ballads by Mary MacGregor

Stories from the Greek Tragedians by Alfred Church

Stories from Thucydides, by H. L. Havell

Stories from Virgil by Alfred J. Church

Stories in Light and Shadow by Bret Harte

Stories in Verse by Henry Abbey

Stories of a Western Town by Octave Thanet

Stories of Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll

Stories of Animal Sagacity by W. H. G. Kingston

Stories of Authors, British and American by Edwin Watts Chubb

Stories of Birds, by Lenore Elizabeth Mulets

Stories of Boys and Girls Who Loved the Saviour by John Wesley

Stories of California by Ella M. Sexton

Stories of Comedy by Various

Stories of El Dorado, by Frona Eunice Wait

Stories of Georgia, by Joel Chandler Harris

Stories of Great Inventors by Hattie E. Macomber

Stories of Great Men by Faye Huntington

Stories of Great Musicians, by Kathrine Lois Scobey and Olive Brown Horne

Stories of Inventors by Russell Doubleday

Stories of King Arthur and His Knights, by U. Waldo Cutler

Stories of King Arthur's Knights, by Mary MacGregor

Stories of Many Lands by Grace Greenwood

Stories of Ohio by William Dean Howells

Stories of Old Kentucky by Martha Grassham Purcell

Stories of Our Naval Heroes

Stories of Red Hanrahan by W. B. Yeats

Stories of Ships and the Sea by Jack London

Stories of Siegfried by Mary MacGregor

Stories of Successful Marriages by Various

Stories of the Days of King Arthur, by Charles Henry Hanson

Stories of the Foot-hills by Margaret Collier Graham

Stories of the Nibelungen for Young People, Arranged by Gertrude R. Schottenfels

Stories of the Prophets, by Isaac Landman

Stories of the Railroad by John A. Hill

Stories of Whaling by Edward Eggleston

Stories of Witches, A Santhal Pargana Tales

Stories the Iroquois Tell Their Children by Mabel Powers

Stories to Read or Tell by Laure Claire Foucher

Stories to Tell to Children by Sara Cone Bryant

Storm, by Lord Dunsany

Storm Ship, by Washington Irving

Storm Ship on the Hudson by Charles M. Skinner

Storms in Life and Nature, by Mary Eastman

Story for School Girls by Unknown

Story of A Book, by Richard Middleton

Story of A Cat, a Mouse, a Lizard and an Owl, Translated by S. M. Mitra

Story of A Chinee Kid by Florence Finch Kelly

Story of A Dam, by James A. Honey

Story of A Disappearance and An Appearance by Montague Rhodes James

Story of A Disciple's Faith by Scott Holland

Story of A Famous Chief by Reuben Gold Thwaites

Story of A Farm Girl by Guy de Maupassant

Story of A Forest Fire, by Raymond S. Spears

Story of A Glowworm by Caroline Stewart

Story of A Lamb on Wheels, by Laura Lee Hope

Story of A Log Cabin by H. S. Caswell

Story of A Panic by E. M. Forster

Story of A Stone, by David Starr Jordan

Story of A Stool

Story of A Tengu, by Lafcadio Hearn

Story of A Wedding Tour by Mrs. Margaret Oliphant

Story of A White Rocking Horse, by Laura Lee Hope

Story of Aeneas, by Michael Clarke

Story of Aladdin, Arabian Nights

Story of An Obstinate Corpse, by Elia W. Peattie

Story of Benkei by Yei Theodora Ozaki

Story of Bessie Costrell, by Mrs. Humphry Ward

Story of Blanche and Vermilion

Story of Calais by the Author of "St. Leger"

Story of Calico Clown, by Laura Lee Hope

Story of Cardenio by Judge Parry

Story of Child Charity by Frances Browne

Story of Christopher Columbus for Little Children by Elizabeth Harrison

Story of Cincinnatus by James Baldwin

Story of Coquerico

Story of Daedalus and Icarus by M. M. Bird

Story of Daphne by M. M. Bird

Story of Deirdre, by Joseph Jacobs

Story of Divination, by Lafcadio Hearn

Story of Dorothea by Judge Parry

Story of Electricity, by John Munro

Story of Epaminondas and his Auntie by Sara Cone Bryant

Story of Experience, by Louisa May Alcott

Story of Fairyfoot Frances Browne

Story of Frithiof The Bold, by Anonymous

Story of Gelert by Anonymous

Story of Grace Darling by Anonymous

Story of Gunnlaug The Worm-Tongue And Raven The Skald, by Anonymous

Story of Hare, by James A. Honey

Story of Jessie, by Mabel Quiller-Couch

Story of Joan of Arc, the Maid Who Saved France

Story of John O' Groats by Anonymous

Story of Johnny Dawdle

Story of Joseph

Story of Keesh by Jack London

Story of Lazy Taro by Yei Theodora Ozaki

Story of Lion and Little Jackal, by James A. Honey

Story of Little Muck by Wilhelm Hauff

Story of Little Simpleton by John T. Naaké

Story of Lludd and Llevelys by Lady Charlotte Guest

Story of Manus, from, West Highland Tales

Story of Mark Twain's Debts by Edwin Watts Chubb

Story of Merlin by Unknown

Story of Muhammad Din by Rudyard Kipling

Story of Nausicaa by M. M. Bird

Story of Niagara by Edward Eggleston

Story of Phaeton by M. M. Bird

Story of Pocahantas, by Charles Dudley Warner

Story of Pyramus and Thisbe by M. M. Bird

Story of Regulus by James Baldwin

Story of Robin Hood by James Baldwin

Story of Rock Salt, Salt under ground

Story of Ruth and Naomi. Adapted from the Bible

Story of Samson

Story of San Francisco by Ella M. Sexton

Story of School Life by Unknown

Story of Seven Devils, by Frank R. Stockton

Story of the Alcazar by Mary Hallock Foote

Story of the Argo by Alfred John Church

Story of the Bandit Chieftain, by Washington Irving

Story of the Caliph Stork by Wilhelm Hauff

Story of the Flag by Victor Mapes

Story of the Gadsby, by Rudyard Kipling

Story of the Hero Makóma

Story of the Invisible Kingdom by Richard Leander

Story of the King who Would See Paradise

Story of the Latin Quarter by Frances Hodgson Burnett

Story of the Little Rid Hin by Sara Cone Bryant

Story of the Odyssey, by The Rev. Alfred J. Church

Story of the Other Wise Man, by Henry van Dyke

Story of the Pictures, by William A. Quayle

Story of the Pig-Trough by Anonymous

Story of the Pots of Plum, Cherry, and Pine by Yei Theodora Ozaki

Story of the Raven by Edmund Leamy

Story of the Shepherd, Translated from the Spanish

Story of the St. Alb-ns Ghost, by Anonymous

Story of the Three Bears by Andrew Lang

Story of the Unforeseen

Story of the Vanishing Patient, by Elia W. Peattie

Story of the Willow Pattern Plate, Retold by M. Alston Buckley

Story of the Young Italian, by Washington Irving

Story of the Young Robber, by Washington Irving

Story of the Youth Who Went Forth to Learn What Fear Was, by Brothers Grimm

Story of Thebes by Alfred John Church

Story of Tim, by George Borrow

Story of Troy by Alfred John Church

Story of Two Lives by Julia Schayer

Story of William Tell by James Baldwin

Story of Yoshitsune by Yei Theodora Ozaki

Story of Zirac, An Oriental Tale

Story Teller at Fault, by Joseph Jacobs

Story Telling in Teaching English by Sara Cone Bryant

Story Vinton Heard at Mallorie by Katharine Prescott Moseley

Story Which will Never Be Finished by Leonid Andreyev

Story without a Tail by Dr Maginn

Story without an End by German of Carove

Stout Gentleman, by Washington Irving

Strait Gate and the Broad Way by Hannah More

Stranded by Henry Seton Merriman

Strange Adventures of John Percival by Mrs. Margaret Oliphant

Strange Case of Cavendish, by Randall Parrish

Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde, by Robert Louis Stevenson

Strange Case of William Long by Roy Giles

Strange Combat by C. A. Stephens

Strange Escape by Edward Eggleston

Strange Event in the Life of Schalken the Painter by J. Sheridan Le Fanu

Strange Kinds of Money by Robert Machray

Strange Nesting Places of Birds

Strange Ride of Morrowbie Jukes by Rudyard Kipling

Strange Stories from the Lodge of Leisures, by Unknown

Strange Stories of Colonial Days by Various

Strange Story by Ivan Turgenev

Strange Story of the Fight with the Small-Pox by Thomas Frost

Stranger in the Village by Mary E. Wilkins

Stranger on the Sill by Thomas Buchanan Read

Stranger Woman, by G. B. Stern

Strategist by Saki

Straw, the Coal, and the Bean, by Brothers Grimm

Strawberries and Cream

Strawberry Thief by Pauline Schanz

Strength of Gideon by Paul Laurence Dunbar

String Quartet by Virginia Woolf

Stringing Cranberries by Anonymous

Stroll by Guy de Maupassant

Strolling Manager, by Washington Irving

Strong Hans, by Brothers Grimm

Strong Prince, A Santhal Pargana Tale

Strong Spider by Henry Abbey

Struggle with a Devil Fish by Victor Hugo

Struggles of Charles Goodyear by George C. Towle

Struggling Upward, by Horatio Alger

Stuart by Mrs. Henry J. Vose

Stubborn Relic of Feudalism by Henry Holt

Student by Anton Chekhov

Student of Salamanca, by Washington Irving

Student's Dream by H. S. Caswell

Student's Ramble by Lu-Teh

Studies by Francis Bacon

Studies of Lowell, by William Dean Howells

Studious Elf in Fairy-land, long years ago

Study of a Woman, by Honore de Balzac

Study of Fairy Tales, by Laura F. Kready

Stupid Monkeys, Re-told by Ellen C. Babbitt

Stutterin' Andy by Will C. Barnes

Sub Warden by Logan Pearsall Smith

Subjection of Kezia by Mrs. Havelock Ellis

Subjects of Conversation

Submarines in War and Peace by Russell Doubleday

Success, by Samuel Hopkins Adams

Success Machine, by Henry Slesar

Successful Rehearsal by Anthony Hope

Successful Shadow, by Harlan Page Halsey

Sugar Maple

Suicide by M.

Suicides by Guy de Maupassant

Suite Mentale, by Gordon Randall Garrett

Sullen Caterpillar, by Jeannette Marks

Sullen Face, Eta Keazah, by Mary Eastman

Summer Boarders and Others by Edgar Wilson Nye

Summer Day by Frances Fuller Victor

Summer Evening's Dream, by Edward Bellamy

Summer, I'm Coming along

Summer in a Canyon by Kate Douglas Wiggin

Summer Isles of Eden by William Dean Howells

Summer Night's Reverie by Unknown

Summer Resources, by Fannie Hurst

Summer Shower by Thomas Buchanan Read

Summer Snow Storm, by Adam Chase

Summer Song by Lenore Elizabeth Mulets

Summer's Going by Mrs. L. C. Whiton

Summit, by Dallas McCord Reynolds

Sun and Moon by Katherine Mansfield

Sun and the Wind by Sara Cone Bryant

Sun Dog Trail by Jack London

Sun Fish by Captain Bedford, R. N.

Sun King, by Gaston Derreaux

Sun, Moon, and Talia by Giambattista Basile

Sunday Under Three Heads by Charles Dickens

Sundays of A Bourgeois by Guy de Maupassant

Sunken Treasure by Nathaniel Hawthorne

Sunny Face, and the Shady Face by the American Sunday-School Union

Sunny Morning by The Quinteros

Sunny Side, by A. A. Milne

Sunrise on the Desert by Will C. Barnes

Sunset and Storm, by Madison Cawein

Sunset at the Mouth of the Columbia by Frances Fuller Victor

Sunset City by Isabel Ambler Gilman

Sunset Dreams, by Madison Cawein

Supermind, by Gordon Randall Garrett and Laurence Mark Janifer

Supernatural Human Beings by Albany Poyntz

Supernormal: Experiences by St. John D. Seymour

Surgeon of Gaster Fell by Arthur Conan Doyle

Surprise of Plataea by H. L. Havell

Surrender by Robert Grant

Surveyor’s Tale by Professor Aytoun

Survival Tactics, by Al Sevcik

Survivor, by E. Phillips Oppenheim

Survivors by Elsie Singmaster

Survivors of the Chancellor, by Jules Verne

Susan Will be Happier if I Go with Her by the American Sunday-School Union

Susie Rolliffe's Christmas by E. P. Roe

Susie's Prayer by Unknown

Susy Diller's Christmas Feast by Unknown

Susy's Christmas Present

Swallow's by Lenore Elizabeth Mulets

Swallow's Song by Emperor Wen

Swan Children of Lir by Thomas Wentworth

Swan Song, by Anton Checkov

Swans of Lir by Gerald Griffin

Swarm of Wild Bees, by Albert W. Tolman

Swedish Fairy Book by Various

Sweet Betsy from Pike, California Immigrant Song

Sweet Dry and Dry, by Christopher Morley and Bart Haley

Sweet One for Polly by Louisa M. Alcott

Sweat Shop Romance by Abraham Cahan

Sweet Grass Basket by Mary E. Wilkins

Sweetapple Cove, by George van Schaick

Sweetheart Roland, by Brothers Grimm

Sweethearts and the War

Swindler and Other Stories by Ethel M. Dell

Swindler's Handicap by Ethel M. Dell

Swine of the Gods, by W. B. Yeats

Switzerland by A. D. Godley

Switzerland, the Cradle of Liberty by Mark Twain

Swoop! or How Clarence Saved England, by P. G. Wodehouse

Sword and the Atopen, by Taylor H. Greenfield

Sword and the Idol, by Lord Dunsany

Sword Excalibur by Sir Thomas Malory

Sword Maker, by Robert Barr

Sword of Damocles by James Baldwin

Sword of Robert Lee by Moina

Sybils by Albany Poyntz

Sylph and the Father by Elsa Barker

Sylvester Abend


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