Sin of the Coppenter Man by Edmund Vance Cooke

The coppenter man said a wicked word,
When he hitted his thumb one day,
En I know what it was, because I heard,
En it's somethin' I dassent say.
He growed us a house with rooms inside it,
En the rooms is full of floors
It's my papa's house, en when he buyed it,
It was nothin' but just outdoors.
En they planted stones in a hole for seeds,
En that's how the house began,
But I guess the stones would have just growed weeds,
Except for the coppenter man.
En the coppenter man took a board and said
He'd skin it and make some curls,
En I hung 'em onto my ears en head,
En they make me look like girls.
En he squinted along one side, he did,
En he squinted the other side twice,
En then he told me, "You squint it, kid,"
'Cause the coppenter man's reel nice.
But the coppenter man said a wicked word,
When he hitted 'his thumb that day;
He said it out loud, too, 'cause I heard,
En it's something I dassent say.
En the coppenter man said it wasn't bad,
When you hitted your thumb, kerspat!
En there'd be no coppenter men to be had,
If it wasn't for words like that.