A Valentine Party

by Anonymous

The children had a valentine party, the very nicest party,—they all declared, that they had ever been to in their lives. All the cousins in the neighborhood—and there were a lot of them—were there.

What fun they had opening their valentines, which a "really" postman brought with his gray uniform and his whistle and his great leather pack.

"Dear me," he said, pretending to groan, as he handed the missives, "if you had a party every day here I think I should be completely worn out!" But his eyes twinkled merrily.

Such shouts and exclamations as the valentines were opened and read! And such fun looking at everybody else's. Here are two, Bessie's and Fred's:—

     I'm for the boy
     Who can stand on his head,
     And who NEVER likes
     To go to bed.
     If there's more than one of them,—
     I'm for FRED!

     I bring a kiss
     From far away;
     It's travelled many
     Miles to-day.

     Take it, my dear,
     And send one back
     To your old, loving
     Uncle Jack.

Don't you think that the children OUGHT to have had a good time if all received as dear little valentines as these?