Babie's Curls by Anonymous

     Little Bessie Boothby
     Had a little sister Sue:
     And a baby brother,
     Whom she thought the world of, too.

     Only one thing troubled
     These dear little girls;
     'Though baby Tom was pretty,
     He hadn't any curls.

     They found a box of vaseline
     And rubbed it on his head;
     But even then no hair would grow:
     It made his head quite red.

     Bessie once was brushing
     Dollie's golden hair,
     When off it fell, alas! and left
     Poor dollie's head quite bare.

     Little Sue was frightened,
     But to comfort, Bessie said,
     "Susie dear, do listen,
     'Tis just like babie's head.

     "Let's put the wig on baby Tom,
     And then he'll have some curls;
     I would not even be surprised
     If he looked just like us girls."

     When Mamma saw her baby boy
     With all this growth of hair,
     She laughed until she nearly cried,
     At the naughty little pair.