The Foolish Pug by Anonymous

     A pompous pug once thought that he
     A dashing swell would try to be,
     And on his neighbors one and all,
     Sat out to make a stylish call.

     He wore a glass upon one eye,
     And on his head a silk hat high;
     A wide, stiff collar around his throat,
     And last an English overcoat.

     So fine and splendid was his air
     The very birds stood still to stare,
     As walking on his two hind feet
     He sauntered boldly down the street.

     But oh, alas! it comes to all
     To learn that pride must have a fall,
     And e'er the corner he had turned
     Poor pug that bitter lesson learned.

     A saucy maid with one great whack,
     Brought down her broom upon his back,
     And as he raised a frightened wail
     Another soused him from her pail.

     Poor pug! that night he sat and thought
     Of all the trouble he had brought
     Upon himself, because that he
     A foolish dude had tried to be.