The Queen's Ride by T. B. Aldrich


'Tis that fair time of year, Lady mine, When stately Guinevere, In her sea-green robe and hood, Went a-riding through the wood, Lady mine.
And as the Queen did ride, Lady mine, Sir Launcelot at her side Laughed and chatted, bending over, Half her friend and all her lover, Lady mine.
And as they rode along, Lady mine, The throstle gave them song, And the buds peeped through the grass To see youth and beauty pass, Lady mine.
And on, through deathless time, Lady mine, These lovers in their prime, (Two fairy ghosts together!) Ride, with sea-green robe, and feather! Lady mine.
And so we two will ride, Lady mine, At your pleasure, side by side, Laugh and chat; I bending over, Half your friend and all your lover! Lady mine.
But if you like not this, Lady mine, And take my love amiss, Then I'll ride unto the end, Half your lover, all your friend! Lady mine.
So, come which way you will, Lady mine, Vale, upland, plain, and hill Wait your coming. For one day Loose the bridle, and away! Lady mine.