Christian Freedom by Pollock

"He is the freeman whom the truth makes free,"

Who first of all the bands of Satan breaks;

Who breaks the bands of sin, and for his soul,

In spite of fools, consulteth seriously;

In spite of fashion, perseveres in good;

In spite of wealth or poverty, upright;

Who does as reason, not as fancy bids;

Who hears Temptation sing, and yet turns not

Aside; sees Sin bedeck her flowery bed,

And yet will not go up; feels at his heart

The sword unsheathed, yet will not sell the truth;

Who, having power, has not the will to hurt;

Who feels ashamed to be, or have a slave,

Whom nought makes blush but sin, fears nought but God;

Who, finally, in strong integrity

Of soul, 'midst want, or riches, or disgrace

Uplifted, calmly sat, and heard the waves

Of stormy Folly breaking at his feet,

Nor shrill with praise, nor hoarse with foal reproach,

And both despised sincerely; seeking this

Alone, the approbation of his God,

Which still with conscience witness'd to his peace.

This, this is freedom, such as Angels use,

And kindred to the liberty of God!