The Mother's Last Song by Barry Cornwall

Sleep!—the ghostly winds are blowing;
No moon's abroad; no star is glowing;
The river is deep, and the tide is flowing
To the land where you and I are going!
We are going afar,
Beyond moon or star,
To the land where the sinless angels are!
I lost my heart to your heartless sire;
('Twas melted away by his looks of fire;)
Forgot my God, and my father's ire,
All for the sake of a man's desire:—
But now we'll go
Where the waters flow,
And make us a bed where none shall know.
The world is cruel; the world's untrue;
Our foes are many; our friends are few;
No work, no bread, however we sue!
What is there left for us to do—
But fly—fly,
From the cruel sky,
And hide in the deepest deeps—and die!