A Ripping Trip, You go aboard a leaky boat [1]

You go aboard a leaky boat
And sail for San Francisco,
You've got to pump to keep her afloat,
You've got that, by jingo!
The engine soon begins to squeak,
But nary a thing to oil her;
Impossible to stop the leak,—
Rip, goes the boiler.

The captain on the promenade
Looking very savage;
Steward and the cabin maid
Fightin' 'bout the cabbage;
All about the cabin floor
Passengers lie sea-sick;
Steamer bound to go ashore,—
Rip, goes the physic.

Pork and beans they can't afford,
The second cabin passengers;
The cook has tumbled overboard
With fifty pounds of sassengers;
The engineer, a little tight,
Bragging on the Mail Line,
Finally gets into a fight,—
Rip, goes the engine.

Footnote 1: To tune of Pop Goes the Weasel