Down through the dark, my God,

by Frances Fuller Victor

Down through the dark, my God,

Reach me Thy hand;

Guide me along the road

I fail to understand.

Blindly I grope my way,

In doubt and fear,

Uncertain when I pray

If Thou art near.

O, God, renew my trust,

Hear when I cry;

Out of the cloud and dust

Lift me to thee on high.

The crooked paths make plain,

The burden light;

Touch me and heal my pain,

And clear my sight.

O, take my hand in Thine,

And lead me so

That all my steps incline

In Thy right way to go.

Out of this awful night

Some whisper send,

That I may feel my God,

My loving friend.

O, let me feel and see

Thy hand and face;

And let me learn of Thee

My true right place.

For I am Thine, and Thou

Art also mine.

Unto Thy will I bow,

Helper divine!