I Only Wished to Know

by Frances Fuller Victor

Pray do not take the kiss again

I risked so much in getting,

Nor let my blushes make you vain

To your and my regretting.

I'm sure I've heard your sex repeat

A thousand times or so,

That stolen kisses are most sweet—

I only wished to know!

I own 'twas not so neatly done

As you know how to do it,

And that the fright out-did the fun,

But still I do not rue it.

I can afford the extra beat

My heart took at your "Oh!"

Which plainly said that kiss was sweet—

When I so wished to know!

Nay, I will not give back the kiss,

Nor will I take a second;

Creme de la creme of pain and bliss

This one shall e'er be reckoned.

The pain was mine, the bliss was—ours,

You smile to hear it so;

But the same thought was surely yours,

As I have cause to know.