Death of Stonewall Jackson

Music by C. Blamphin.

On a bright May morn in ’Sixty-three,
And eager for the action,
On a battlefield for Liberty,
Stood gallant Stonewall Jackson.
Both flesh and blood alike the same,
They strove to gain each other’s fame,
And long may hist’ry pen the name,
Of gallant Stonewall Jackson.

Chorus.—Who was his soldiers’ pride,
And for his country died,
On a bright May day in ’Sixty-three,
And ready for the action,
On a battlefield for Liberty
Stood gallant Stonewall Jackson.

A man more kind was never born,
In battle no one bolder;
His loss all noble hearts will mourn,
This gallant faithful soldier;
For when the word was duty,
He was first to fight for victory;
Oh! may he live in history,
The gallant Stonewall Jackson.

But alas! his time was come,
To see our promised land;
His comrade’s fatal gun,
Shot through his arm and hand;
The Almighty’s will was read,
Upon his noble brow;
“My race is run,” he said.
Death has its victim now.