The Rebelís Dream by A. F. Leovy

Music by Ch. Reisner.

Permission of A. E. Blackmar, New Orleans.

Softly in dreams of repose,
A vision so pure and so sweet,
Shines on a soldier’s sad soul,
While his flag lies so low at his feet;
Softly an angel is seen,
Who saddens the spot with a sigh,
Swiftly the banner is raised,
And borne to bright realms in the sky.

Soft music from heavenly choirs,
Resounds from that paradise shore.
Oh! how sweet to the dreamer’s light heart,
He sees his brave comrades once more.
His banner now floats o’er the blest,
And shimmers in heaven’s pure air;
A voice from its folds is now heard,
Jackson prays for the flag that is there.

The soldier awakes from his dream.
Oh! that his sorrows were past,
Beyond the bright stars and the sky,
There’s a home for the weary at last,
The gleam of some paradise joys,
Will greet him in heaven’s pure air,
O the heroes who perished for right,
How sweet to rejoin them all there!