Summer, I'm Coming along

I’M coming along with a bounding pace
To finish the work that Spring begun;
I’ve left them all with a brighter face,
The flowers in the vales through which I’ve run.

I have hung festoons from laburnum trees,
And clothed the lilac, the birch and broom;
I’ve wakened the sound of humming-bees,
And decked all nature in brighter bloom.
I’ve roused the laugh of the playful child,
And tired it out in the sunny noon;
All nature at my approach hath smiled,
And I’ve made fond lovers seek the moon.
For this is my life, my glorious reign,
And I’ll queen it well in my leafy bower;
All shall be bright in my rich domain;
I’m queen of the leaf, the bud and the flower.
And I’ll reign in triumph till autumn-time
Shall conquer my green and verdant pride;
Then I’ll hie me to another clime
Till I’m called again as a sunny bride.