The Secret by Mary R. Whittlesey

PEPPER BAKER, don’t you tell!
If you ever do, I’ll— Well,
I’ll do something you’ll remember
Till the last day of December.

Pepper, look me in the eye!
You must be as shy, as shy—
Play, you don’t know where I’m going,
Don’t know anything worth knowing!
When the bell for breakfast rings,
I will bring you cakes and things;
Don’t go down till Ben calls, “Pupper,
Pupper; come and ’ave your supper!”
 What I’ve told you no one knows,
Only you, and I, and Rose
(Maybe she has told her kitty),
No one else in Boston city.
Pepper, look at me, and say
With your eyes,—look straight this way,—
With your teeth, and mane so shaggy,
With your ears and tail so waggy,—
“I will never, never tell.
They may tie a ding-dong-bell
To my little tail so waggy,
Singe my ears and coat so shaggy.
“They may drown me in the well,
All because I will not tell.”
That will do, you grim old Quaker!
I can trust you Pepper Baker.