Wings, if I only had wings like you!

Addie's pet bird perches on her finger



IF I only had wings like you!” said Addie Lewis, speaking to her pet bird as she opened the cage door.

“Chirp, chirp!” answered the bird, flying out and resting on Addie’s finger.

“Ah, birdie, if I only had your wings!”

“Wings!” spoke out Addie’s mother. “You have wings,” she said, in a quiet way.

Addie looked at her shoulders, and then at her mother’s. “I don’t see them,” she said, with a little amused laugh.

“We are using them all the while,” said Mrs. Lewis. “Did you never hear of the wings of thought?”

“Oh! That’s what you mean? Our thoughts are our wings?”

“Yes; and our minds can fly with these wings higher and farther than any bird can go. If I read to you about a volcano in Italy, off you go on the wings of thought and look down into the fiery crater. If I tell you of the frozen North, you are there in an instant, gazing upon icy seas and the wonders of a desolate region. The wings of an eagle are not half so swift and strong as the wings of your thought. The very king of birds would perish in regions where they can take you in safety.”