Sailing the Boats by George Cooper

HO! the jolly sailors,
Lounging into port!
Heave ahead, my hearties—
That’s your lively sort!
Splendid sky above us,
Merrily goes the gale.
Stand by to launch away
Rag and paper sail!

Archie owns a schooner,
Jack a man-o’-war,
Joe a clipper A 1
Named the Morning Star;
Charlie sails a match-box,
Dignified a yawl;
Breakers on the lee shore—
Look out for a squall!
Now we’re bound for China—
That’s across the pond;
When we go a-cruising
Many a mile beyond.
Man-o’-war is watching
A rakish-looking craft—
Kerchunk! goes a bullfrog
From his rushy raft.
There’s a fleet of lilies
We go scudding round,—
Bumblebees for sailors,—
And they’re fast aground.
Here’s a drowning fly
In her satin dress.
All hands, about ship!
Signals of distress.
Argosies of childhood,
Laden down with joys,
Gunwale-deep with treasures!
Happy sailor boys,
May your merry ventures
All their harbors win,
And upon life’s stormy sea
Every ship come in.