In Praise of Baby by Barrington McGregor

The sun rose up in the morning
Through his door in the Eastern sky;
And he flung back his curtains of purple and red
To look out on the world, and he laughed as he said
"There's nothing so bright as I!"
But he never had seen my baby's smile,
That is brighter than sunshine all the while.
The moon stole out in the evening
From the clouds; and up, up she rolled
Through the wonderful blue of the Autumn night,
And she said, "Ah, the sun may be never so bright,
Still there's nothing to match my gold!"
Well, the moon, she's golden, and soft and fair,
But she couldn't have seen my baby's hair.
The stars peeped after the twilight;
And, when they were sure it was gone,
They all flocked forth in a glittering show,
Singing, "No one can dance like this below,
Though we've nothing to dance upon!"
So they twinkled in mazes light and fleet;
But they never had watched my baby's feet.