Charles Edward Balch

Charles Edward Balch was born in Francestown in 1834, and is the son of Mason and Hannah Balch, his mother being a daughter of Joshua Holt, of Greenfield. His boyhood was spent upon a farm, and his education was obtained in the common schools and Francestown Academy. When eighteen years of age he began life for himself as a book-keeper in the dry-goods store of Barton & Co., in Manchester, and two years later had so established himself in the confidence of the managers of the Manchester Savings Bank that he was called to a clerkship in that institution. In this position his industry, courtesy, and excellent judgment won good opinions from all with whom he came in contact, and when the Manchester National Bank was organized, in 1865, he was chosen its cashier, and has filled this responsible position ever since. He has also been a trustee of the Manchester Savings Bank since 1862, is a member of its investing committee, treasurer of the Manchester Gas-Light Company, a director and member of the finance committee of the New Hampshire Fire Insurance Company, and a trustee of many large estates. In all these positions, Mr. Balch has proved himself a sagacious, careful, and safe financier. The banks to which he has given the most of his time and energies reflect in their strength and uniform success his honesty, reliability, and prudence; and those whose funds have been intrusted to his management have always found their confidence justified by steady and satisfactory returns.

Mr. Balch is, moreover, a man whose private character is above suspicion, a citizen whose public duties are never left to others, a friend whose fealty is never doubted, and an acquaintance whose courtesy, candor, and affability command universal respect and good will. He has been too modest to ask, and too busy to accept, political honors; but his influence has been potent in advancing the party to which he belongs, and in shaping the policy of the city in which he resides. In affairs of state and city, as in business matters, he makes little noise; but his work tells, and his convictions of duty bring substantial results. He was commissioned a colonel of the state militia in 1879, and served on Gov. Head's staff for two years.

In July, 1867, Mr. Balch married Miss Emeline R. Brooks, daughter of Rev. Nahum Brooks, then of Bath, Me., but now of Manchester, who presides over and dispenses the hospitalities of his pleasant home.