Thomas R. Crosby, M. D. by S. P. Hadley

Prof. Thomas Russell Crosby, M. D., youngest son of Dr. Asa Crosby, was born in Gilmanton, N. H., October 22, 1816, and died at Hanover, March 1, 1872. He married Louisa Partridge Burton, daughter of Col. Oliver Burton, U. S. A. He graduated D. C. 1841, taking also, at the same time, his degree of Doctor of Medicine. He practiced in Meriden and Manchester, was chief surgeon in Columbian College Hospital, in Washington, D. C., during the war, became professor in the Medical College in that city, and afterwards professor in Dartmouth College. During much of his professional life he was an invalid, but was indefatigable in habits of study, steadily advancing to posts of honor and reward, both as practitioner and teacher.

The faculty of Dartmouth College say: "We would record with deep sorrow the decease of Dr. Thomas R. Crosby, Professor of Animal and Vegetable Physiology in the agricultural department of the college, and Instructor in Natural History in the academical and scientific departments; and that we have a profound sense of the loss sustained by the college and the community in the departure of one who, to all the virtues that adorned his character, added such fullness, variety, and accuracy of scientific and professional attainment as fitted him for signal usefulness in the several positions he occupied."

His brother Josiah bears this testimony of him in a letter, after he had passed away: "I have always considered him equal to any of the brothers as a general scholar, and, decidedly, as the best medical scholar of us doctors; and, although he had not an opportunity of performing so much surgery outside the hospital as others of the family, yet what he did shows conclusively that he was competent to any emergency. He had all the requisite qualifications for a good operator,—a correct knowledge of anatomy and great self-possession."