Air—“Jeannette and Jeannot.”

From “Jack Morgan Songster.”

You are going to leave me, darling,
Your country’s foes to fight,
And though I grieve, I murmur not,
I know we’re in the right.
Here’s your father’s sword and rifle,
Emulate him in the fight;
Let no coward stain be on your name,
That always has shone bright.

Then farewell, my loved one,
May a widow’d mother’s prayer,
Still shield thy head in battle,
And God keep thee in His care;
Then use your sword and rifle well,
Ne’er falter in the strife—
You fight for home and freedom,
For honor and for life.

And when the “Stars and Bars”
Float in triumph o’er each band
That has driven the invaders back,
Who dared pollute our land,
Then come back to me with honor,
And a mother’s hand shall place
The laurel wreath your country gives
Each victor’s brow to grace.