Louisville Courier.

Kneel, ye Southrons, kneel and swear,
On your bleeding country’s altar,
All the tyrants’ rage to dare,
E’en the cursed tyrants’ halter,
We swear, we swear, we swear!

Swear by all the shining stars,
Swear in blunt old Anglo-Saxon,
To defend the stars and bars
Hallowed by the blood of Jackson,
We swear, etc.

Swear by all the noble deeds,
By heroic valor prompted;
Swear that while our country bleeds,
Gleaming blades shall not be wanted,
We swear, etc.

Swear our country shall be free;
Submit to subjugation? Never!
Swear the stars and bars shall be
Our insignia forever,
We swear, etc.