Written for a Lady, by Jeff. Thompson.

[The music of this song can be procured of the Oliver Ditson Co., Boston,Mass., owners of the copyright.]

Missouri is the pride of the Nation,
The hope of the brave and the free;
The Confederacy will furnish the rations,
But the fighting is trusted to thee;
For, brave boys, your soil has been noted,
And your flag has been trusted to you;
For freedom you have not yet voted,
But you fight for the Red, White and Blue.

Chorus.—Three cheers, etc.

The Stars shall shine bright in the heaven,
But the Stripes should be trailed in the dust,
For they are no longer the sign of the haven
Of the brave, of the free, or the just;
The Bars now in triumph shall wave
O’er the land of the faithful and true;
O’er the home of the Southern brave,
Shall float the new Red, White and Blue.