Of all the mighty nations, in the East or in the West,
Our glorious Southern nation is the greatest and the best;
We have room for all true Southrons, with our Stars and Bars unfurled,
And a general invitation to the people of the world.

Chorus.—Then, to arms, boys! to arms, boys! make no delay,
Come from every Southern State, come from every way,
Our army isn’t large enough, Jeff Davis calls for more,
To hurl the vile invader from off our Southern shore.

Ohio is our northern line, far as her waters flow,
And on the south is the Rio Grande and the Gulf of Mexico;
While between the Atlantic Ocean, where the sun begins to rise,
Westward to Arizona, the land of promise lies.

While the Gulf States raise the cotton, the others grain and pork,
North and South Carolina’s factories will do the finer work;
For the deep and flowing waterfalls that course along our hills,
Are “just the things” for washing sheep and driving cotton mills.

Our Southern boys are brave and true, and joining heart and hand
And are flocking to the “Stars and Bars” as they are floating o’er the land.
And all are standing ready, with their rifles in their hands,
And invite the North to open graves down South in Dixie’s land.