By Col. W. S. Hawkins, C. S. A., Camp Chase, Ohio.

Sing-ho! for the Southerner’s meteor flag
As ’tis flung in its pride to the breeze,
From the happy glen and the beetling crag,
’Tis the pride of the land and the seas.

Hurrah! for the scintillant Cross of Red,
As it waves and glances in light,
Beneath it our brothers grandly tread,
To battle for God and right.

The flag for which Southrons had gladly died
Is the badge of the tyrant now,
And for it no blush of joy or pride
Suffuseth the cheek or brow.
Sing ho! for the Southerner’s flag for aye,
And ho! for its beautiful Cross;
It shall be the signal of bold array
Where the windy surges toss.

On a traitor’s heart be the curses of night,
And palsied the craven hand
That fails in the hazard of furious fight
For God and our Native Land.

Hurrah! as over the hills it waves,
Or is borne on the ocean’s breast,
Hurrah! as it leads our valorous braves,
Or is drooped o’er the hero’s rest.

Whether it greets the uprising sun
Or is bathed in the western light,
Beneath it shall all our hopes be won
For “God will defend the right.”