Hurrah for the South, the glorious South! the land of song and story—
Her name shall ring, and the world shall sing her honor, fame, and glory;
For the skies above, which smiled in love, are dark with hearth-fires burning;
She rises in might to defend the right, on her treacherous brethren turning.

Chorus.—Sons of the South, arise! arise!
For never shall fall upon her—
The land we love all the earth above,
One stain of dark dishonor.

Hurrah for the South, the gallant South, with her great heart proudly beating;
She takes her stand at Freedom’s hand, and dreams not of retreating;
Oh! Southern boys, for fireside joys, with their hearts so brave and tender,
Will relentlessly fight, and to death’s dark night alone will they surrender.

No Northern band shall rule this land—to the breeze give Freedom’s banner,
As its glowing folds o’er our land unroll, from mountain and savannah;
O’er river and lake the sound shall break, and swell with thundering glory;
Hurrah for the South! the noble South! the land of war and story!