By Lieut. W. P. Cunningham.

Soldiers! raise your banner proudly,
Let it pierce our Texan sky—
Hurrah! it was shouted loudly—
“We will do it or we’ll die!”

Thus spoke the heroic Dowling!
To his Irish gallant band:
“Let us send the foes a howling,
From our lovely Texas land!”

Nobly answer’d those brave men all,
To his soul-stirring appeal;
“Aye, we’ll drive them away or fall;
We’ll fight them with lead and steel.”

The Irishmen desert never
The people that treat them well;
Their friends they love forever;
Their foes may “go to ——!”

“Steady, steady, keep cool, my boys,
Now they are near—ready—fire!”
Thus their noble chieftain cries,
And they fire and never tire.

Hear the heavy, thundering sound,
The men of war they cry;
The dull earth itself resounds
As the foemen fight and die.

But hurrah! the white flag’s flying—
See, they spare the fallen foe!
They attend the wounded—dying—
The brave will have it so.

O, Davis Guards! ye men of war,
You’ve made a glorious name!
Thus always guard our Texas Star,
And preserve, for aye, your fame.

And when around the social glass
In years to come, you meet,
O ne’er forget the Sabine Pass!
But its mem’ries fondly greet.