By J. H. Woodcock.

Tune—“Bonnie Blue Flag.

Huzza! huzza! let’s raise the battle cry,
And whip the Yankees from our land,
Or with them fall and die;
Rush on our Southern columns,
And make the brigands feel
That all the booty they will get,
Will be our Southern steel.

Chorus.—Huzza! huzza! let’s raise our banner high,
And nobly drive the Yankees out,
Or with them fall and die.

We are fighting for our mothers, our sisters and our wives;
For these, and our country’s rights,
We’ll sacrifice our lives.
Then trusting still to Heaven,
We’ll charge th’ invading host,
Till liberty and independence
Shall be the Nation’s boast.

Then on with our columns—slay the vandal foe—
Beat them from our sunny soil,
And lay their colors low.
To the great God of Nations
Our sacred cause confide,
For we are fighting for our liberty
And He is on our side.