The South for me! The sunny clime,
Where earth is clothed in beauty’s hue,
And Nature vies in scenes sublime,
With all the old world ever knew;
I love thy soil where’er I roam,
Sweet land! and when afar from thee,
My fond heart throbs with thoughts of home,
And echoes back “The South for me.”

Chorus.—The South for me, the South for me,
The golden clime, the heart’s desires,
The only land where men are free,
And worthy of their free-born sires.

The South for me! the patriot’s heart
Beats ever to that slogan cry;
And heroes, armed and ready, start
For their loved land to do or die;
But leave the Southron’s valor free,
Let Southern heroes meet the foe,
And when rings out “the South for me,”
Their strong right arms will deal the blow.

The South for me! its bright-eyed maids,
Its clime, its stars, its silvery skies,
Its streamlets, with their lovely naiads,
Its vales, where varying beauties rise,
Its cotton fields, where dusky slaves,
Are happy in protection kind,
The stranger’s home, though Yankee knaves
May never there a welcome find.