Fighting for our rights now, feasting when they’re won,
By that Cross and Stars, boys, fluttering in the sun—
The girls at home will hear, boys, of our banquet of hard corn,
And they’ll think and pray for us, boys, at night and dewy morn,
Then hand around the corn, boys, and pass the full canteen;
Corn and water, and a fight, boys, are enough for us, I ween.

Sleeping in the swamps now, without shelter or a bed;
The heaven’s green sky above us, green turf beneath our head;
But at home when we arrive, boys, tender arms shall us enfold;
Our pillows shall be the hearts, boys, that now our image hold.

Shells are flying over us, the bullets ’round us fly;
But we’ll lie upon the grass, boys, and munch our corn away!
We’re driven to their gunboats the base, invading foe;
In quick time, such as Texans can, we’ll make the Federals go.

Our mothers are praying for us, our darling sisters too;
Our sweethearts—ah! God bless them! what can’t we dare or do?
With our country’s rights and darling ones emblazon’d on our shields,
We’ll fight with God’s protection, till each base invader yields.

In thinking of our cause, boys, and all we love at home,
These hard grains to heavenly manna have miraculously turn’d;
And from this battered old canteen I’ve drained a nectar sweet;
’Tis the heart that makes the banquet, and not what we have to eat.

Soon will we hail brave “Stonewall!” in Maryland set free!
And our “Old Line” Chief[4] with his Texas boys shall shout for his victory.
With the Cross and Stars then wreathed in flowers, we’ll turn our steps again,
To the hearts and homes that sigh for us, on our proud prairie plain;
Then with gentle hands to tend us, and the chalice for canteen,
With our rights all won, we’ll rest us, boys, in peace and joy serene.