By Colonel Hamilton Washington.

Raise the thrilling cry, to arms!
Texas needs us all, Texans!
Home and love and pleasure’s charms,
Yield to duty’s call, Texans!
Now the stream of battle lowers—
Who before the tempest cowers?
Who could hide in woman’s bowers?
Show him to the field, Texans!
Twice our sires for freedom fought—
Twice with blood the treasure bought—
By the lessons they have taught
We’ll die, but never yield, Texans!

Long we’ve heard the storm afar;
Now ’tis coming near, Texans!
Onward rolls the din of war,
Let us meet it here, Texans!
All we have and love’s in danger,
Forward, then, each Texan Ranger!
Let us meet the daring stranger,
That brings us war at home, Texans!—
Never shall our happy land
Be ravaged by a robber band—
We will meet them hand to hand,
And fight each step they come, Texans.