By the Company’s Own Poet.

From Houston city and Brazos bottom,
From selling goods and making cotton,
Away, away, away, away!
We go to meet our country’s foes,
To win or die in freedom’s cause;
Away, away, away, away!

Chorus.—We’re going to old Virginia, hooray, hooray!
To join the fight for Southern rights—
We’ll live or die for Davis, hooray, hooray!
We’ll live or die for Davis.

You’ve heard of Abe, the gay deceiver,
Who sent to Sumter to relieve her;
Away, away, away, away!
But Beauregard said “save your bacon!
Sumter’s ours and must be taken!”
Away, away, away, away!

With a floating battery and a few hot shot,
He sent them back to General Scott—
Old Abe he swore and cuss’d like fun
When he found the rebels wouldn’t run.

Scott with his army started South!
You’ve heard how our armies cleaned them out—
On Manassas’ plains for miles around,
Their dead and wounded fill’d the ground.

Senator Wilson, the ugly sinner,
Went over to Centreville to eat a big dinner—
The M. C.’s and ministers of State,
Left their champagne behind and dinners on the plate.

They had to leave on an empty stomach,
And “git up and git” on t’other side of the Potomac—
But some of the invaders are with us still—
We’ll send them back again if the Lord will.

Our country calls for volunteers,
And Texas boys reply with cheers—
The Henderson Guards and Leon Hunters,
Friends in peace—in war like panthers.

The Tom Green Rifles and Lone Star Guards,
In a cause that is just, nothing retards;
The Echo Company, and the brave Five Shooters,
Will deal out death to all freebooters.

The Northern vandals will learn to their sorrow,
Of the Porter Guards, and Rifles of Navarro—
The Mustang Greys, O, they never fight for bounty,
Nor do the other Greys—those from Navarro county.

The Liberty Invincibles and Hardeman Texans
Can wallop ten to one, whether Yanks or Mexicans;
From the Waverly Confederates and the Dixie Blues,
And the Bayou City Guards you may expect good news.