You know the Federal General Banks,
Who came through Louisiana with his forty thousand Yanks;
His object was to execute the Abolition law,
With as mongrel a horde of soldiers as creation ever saw;
There were Irish and English, and Spanish and Dutch,
And negroes and Yankees, and many more such,
All dress’d out in blue coats and fine filagree—
But such a skedaddle you never did see!

Chorus.—Doodle, doodle, Yankee doodle, doodle, dee,
O such a skedaddle you never did see!

They came prepared to shear our sheep and gather in our crops,
And thus destroy the government by knocking down its props;
They’d rob us of our wheat and wool, our poultry and such things,
And steal the ladies’ jewelry, their dresses and their rings;
They had scythe-blades and whiskey, and sheep shears and hams,
And threshes and jack-knives, and jellies and jams,
O glorious their object—a nation to free!
But such a skedaddle you never did see!

The veterans of Vicksburg, who never had been whipped,
All swore that not a leaflet of their laurels should be clipped;
They wanted to see Texas, and the famous Texas boys,
Who thro’ the whole Confederacy were making such a noise;
They had banners and mottoes, and trumpets and drums,
And small arms and cannon, and round shot and bombs,
Their most famous column, the “Feds” did agree—
But such a skedaddle you never did see!

How first they saw the Texans and heard the Texan yell—
But whether men or devils they declare they could not tell,
They faced about, at “double quick,” and run with all their might,
For they had seen the “elephant,” and did not like the sight;
They left baggage and Enfields, and knapsacks and shoes,
And pickles and blankets, and negroes and stews,
And broke for the river as fast as might be—
But such a skedaddle you never did see!

Helter, skelter, neck or nothing, driven by their fears,
From ev’ry side the Texan yell was ringing in their ears!
Still on they rush’d, like quarter-horses, shouting as they ran,
“The Rebels take the hindmost—now save himself who can!”
They had gunboats and transports, and all sorts of crafts,
They were all clad in iron, with guns fore and aft,
In these they expected in safety to flee—
But such a skedaddle you never did see!