By Mary L. Wilson, of San Antonio, Texas.


Hear the summons, sons of Texas!
Now the fierce invaders vex us,
Come on, come on, come on for Texas!
Daring, dauntless, reckless Ranger!
First in glory, first in danger—
Come on, come on for Texas.

Chorus.—Exalt the fame of Texas, strike home, strike home!
Where Baylor leads the foeman bleeds!
Then strike with him for Texas—
Come on, come on, ye gallant sons of Texas!

Awhile ago they dared defy us—
Now they meet us but to fly us;
Bright the stars and bars are gleaming!
Bright our future star is beaming!

By base Butler’s proclamation,
By our sister’s defamation,—
By the sword of justice sheathless,
Be the fires of vengeance quenchless.
 Honor, safety, vengeance call you,
Ere the tyrant’s chains enthrall you—
Cities burning, women wailing!
Shall their tears be unavailing?

Fiercely now the vandal’s smiting,
Southern homes his torch is blighting—
Well he knows he’ll conquer never,
So would ruin us forever.

A Texan’s name, who would not wear it?
Well the foe has learned to fear it!
Green the laurels for you springing,
Bright the halo ’round you clinging.

Chosen by the gallant Morgan!
The North has heard the Texan slogan;
Rangers, ask not, give not quarter!
Be your pathway marked with slaughter!