Air—“Barring of the Door.”

It was on a New Year’s morn so soon,
Before the break of day, Oh!
General Magruder had laid his plan
To catch the Yankees in the Bay, Oh!

Chorus.—Skedaddle, skedaddle, leave horse, spur and saddle,
Charge! Horse Marines, with a hoo-way!
Skedaddle, skedaddle, the Yankees will toddle;
Rush on them with pistol and bowie—
O, skedaddle!

Magruder march’d down through Galveston town,
And placed his men on the shore, Oh!
And the fight then began when he fired the first gun,
And the fleet replied with a roar, Oh!

The Yankees’ big shot flew fast, thick and hot,
They thought they’d gain’d the day, Oh!
When Bagby and Green, with the new Horse Marine,
Came rushing down the Bay, Oh!

The two bayou boats went to butting like goats,
The big steamer’s deck to gain, Oh!
Then L’on Smith, that trump, he made the first jump,
Right abroad of the Harriet Lane, Oh!

Let it not be forgotten, that Jim Dowlan, the Briton,
Pitch’d in through flood and through flame, Oh!
From the sinking boat swam to the Bayou City ram,
And boarded the Harriet Lane, Oh!

Then flew the white flag o’er the Federal rag;
The Yankees cried stop! just at light, Oh!
By cunning and lies, to get off with the prize
We had fairly won in the fight, Oh!

But General Bill Scurry, was in too great a hurry,
To wait for a three hours’ truce, Oh!
He bagged all ashore, and would have bagged more,
Had any been lying around loose, Oh!

Old General Magruder will let no intruder
Our soil with his footsteps pollute, Oh!
The Arizona Brigade, with L’on Smith as aid,
Will send them to—Butler, the brute, Oh!

Then rejoice, O rejoice, ye Texans, rejoice;
Charge! Horse Marines, with a hoo-way!
The invaders are dead, ta’en pris’ner, or fled—
They can’t stand the pistol and bowie.