Respectfully inscribed to Major-General J. B. Magruder, and sung on the occasion of his public reception in the city of Houston, Texas, Jan. 20, 1863.

God bless our Southern land,
God save our sea-girt land,
And make us free;
With justice for our shield,
May we on battle field
Never to foemen yield
Our liberty.

O Lord! protect the Chief
Who to our prompt relief
From threaten’d woe,
Hasten’d to lead the way;
Nor faltered in the fray,
When from our beauteous Bay
He drove the foe.

And may the gallant band
Worthy in his command
Ever to be,
Have of Thy watchful care
Ever a plenteous share,
Inspiring each to dare
For home and thee.

“O Lord our God! arise,
Scatter our enemies,
And make them fall!”
And when, with peace restored,
Each man lays by the sword,
May he with joy record
Thy mercies all.