Air—“Bruce’s Address.”

Raise the Southern flag on high!
Shout aloud the battle cry!
Let its echoes reach the sky—
“God and Southern Rights.”

Sons of wealth, and sons of toil,
Will ye yield your land for spoil,
Drive the foe from Southern soil!
Glory now invites.

Rally round our banner bright
Let its stars of quenchless light
Dim the base invader’s sight,
On the battle field.

When the death clouds darkly lower,
When the cannons blaze and roar,
Though its folds be drenched in gore,
We will never yield.

By our sires who fought and bled!
By Virginia’s honored dead!
By the blood so lately shed!
We will make them know—

Southern hearts are true as steel,
Wrongs like ours are slow to heal,
Sooner will we die than kneel
To a Northern foe.