Sons of freedom, on to glory,
Go where brave men do or die;
Let your names in future story
Gladden every patriot’s eye;
’Tis your country calls you hasten,
Backward hurl the invading foe;
Freemen, never think of danger,
To the glorious battle go.

Oh, remember gallant Jackson,
Single-handed in the fight,
Death blows dealt the fierce marauder,
For his liberty and right;
Tho’ he fell beneath their thousands,
Who that covets not his fame?
Grand and glorious, brave and noble,
Henceforth shall be Jackson’s name.

Sons of freedom, can you linger,
When you hear the battle roar,
Fondly dallying with your pleasures
When the foe is at your door?
Never, no, we fear no idlers,
Death or Freedom’s now the cry,
’Till the “Stars and Bars” triumphant
Spread their folds to every eye.