A song of Mississippi negroes in the Vicksburg Campaign.

Darkies has you seed my massa
Wid de mustache on his face?
He came along dis morning
As dough heíd leave de place.
He saw de smoke way up de river,
Where de Lincum gunboats lay:
He took his hat and he left mighty sudden,
I speck heís runned away.

Chorus.óMassa run, aha!
Darkey stay, aho!
It must be now dat de kingdomís cominí,
In the year of Jubilo.

Heís six feet one way, four feet tíother,
And weighs three hundred pounds;
His coatís so big he canít pay de tailoró
Den it donít go half around.


He drills so much dey call him cap’n;
And he am so very tan,
Speck he’ll try to fool dem Yankees
And say he’s contraban’.

Dis darkey gets so very lonesome,
In de cabin on de lawn;
He moves his things to massa’s parlor,
To keep ’em, while he’s gone.

There’s wine and cider in de cellar,
And de darkies dey’ll have some;
I speck it will be confiscated,
When de Lincum soldiers come.

De overseer will give us trouble,
And run us round a spell;
We’ll lock him up in smoke-house cellar,
Wid de key thrown in de well.
De whip is lost, and de handcuffs broken,
And massa’ll lose his pay;
He’s big enough and old enough,
Dan to gone and runned away.