A Yankee Soliloquy before the Battle of Fredericksburg.

By Tenella.

Well, we can whip them now I guess,
If Jackson has resigned,
General Lee in “fighting Burnside,”
More than his match will find:
We’re done with slow McClellan,
Who kept us “digging dirt,”
And now are “on to Richmond,”
Where some one “will be hurt.”

Again around the Rebels
The anaconda coils,
For East and West, and North and South,
We have them in our toils;
We’d have beat them at Manassas
If McDowell had not slipped,
When he tried to leap this Stonewall,
Who don’t know when he’s whipped.

We’d have laid them in the Valley
So low they could not rise,
But Banks must run against it,
And spill all his supplies.
Now if that fool Jeff Davis
Has let Stonewall resign,
We can go “on to Richmond”
By the Rappahannock line.

But they say he’s a shrewd fellow
Who knows a soldier well,
And stood by Sidney Johnston
Until in death he fell;
“If Johnston is no general,
Then, gentlemen, I’ve none,”
He said to those who grumbled,
When Donelson we won.

And I don’t believe that Jackson’s
Resignation he’ll accept—
Hallo!!!—A rebel picket—
How close the rascal crept!
“Say, stranger, is it true
That Jackson has resigned?”
“Well, yes—I reckon so—
Heard somethin’ of the kind.”

“What for? Did old Jeff Davis
Put a sub. above his head?”
“No—they took away his commissary,
So I’ve heard it said.”
“Well, we are glad to hear it,
And will tender them our thanks,
But who was Jackson’s commissary?”
Your Major-General Banks.

“Confound your rebel impudence!
He’d be very smart indeed,
If from supplies for one intended,
Two armies he could feed.”

Southern Illustrated News, April, 1863.