By a lady formerly of Richmond.

Tune—“The Coronack.

Unmoved in the battle,
Whilst friends and foes swerved,
Midst roaring and rattle,
His heroes were nerved.
On Manassas’ red plain,
Their unyielding front,
Gave their chieftain that name,
So strong in war’s brunt.

He swoops from the mountain,
Like our own regal bird;
O’er Potomac’s blue fountain,
His war scream is heard.
Though his foeman be brave,
They shrink from his sword,
Who its mighty power gave,
Is the triumphant Lord!

Again from the mountain,
Through forest and valley,
Once more near that fountain,
His invincibles rally.
Like our own mountain eagle,
He swoops on the foemen,
And the cohorts of Lincoln
Fly and cower before him!