By Capt. Blackford, of General Stuart’s Staff.

Air—“The Pirate’s Glee.”

Spur on! spur on! we love the bounding
Of barbs that bear us to the fray;
“The charge” our bugles now are sounding,
And our bold Stuart leads the way.

Chorus.—The path to honor lies before us
Our hated foeman gather fast;
At home bright eyes are sparkling for us,
And we’ll defend them to the last.

Spur on! spur on! we love the rushing
Of steeds that spurn the turf they tread;
We’ll through the Northern ranks go crushing,
With our proud battle-flag o’erhead.

Spur on! spur on! we love the flashing
Of blades that battle to be free;
’Tis for our sunny South they’re clashing,
For household gods and liberty.