A. W. Kercheval. A. J. Turner.

To the patriotic women of the South.

Maiden, pray for thy lover now,
Thro’ all this starry night,
Heaven prove auspicious to thy vow,
For with to-morrow’s dawning light,
We meet the foe in deadly fight!
Pray, maiden, pray!

Maiden, pray that the banner high
Advanced, our cross may wave;
And foeman’s shot and steel defy!
In triumph floating o’er the brave,
Who strike for freedom or the grave;
Pray, maiden, pray!

Maiden, pray for thy Southern land
Of streams and sunlit skies;
See thou her living greatness stand!
While in her hero-dust there lies,
Whatever glory verifies!
Pray, maiden, pray!

Maiden, pray that your trumpet blast
And rocket’s signal light,
But summon squadrons, thick and fast!
To win in our glorious fight
For Home, for Freedom, and the Right;
Pray, maiden, pray!