Companion Song to “When this Cruel War is Over.”

I remember the hour when sadly we parted,
The tears on your pale cheek glist’ning like dew,
When clasped in your arms almost broken-hearted,
I swore by the bright sky I’d ever be true,
True to the love that nothing could sever,
And true to the flag of my country forever.

Chorus.—Then weep not, love, oh! weep not,
Think not our hopes are vain,
For when this fatal war is over,
We will surely meet again.

Oh, let not, my own love, the summer winds winging
Their sweet-laden zephyrs o’er land and o’er sea,
Bring aught to your heart with the autumn birds singing,
But hopes for the future and bright dreams of me;
For while in your pure heart my mem’ry you’re keeping,
I ne’er can be lonely while waking or sleeping.

But if, while the loud shouts of vict’ry are ringing,
O’er the land that foul traitors have caught to betray,
You hear o’er the voices so joyfully singing,
That he who so loved you has fallen in the fray,
Oh think that he’s gone where there’s dark treason never,
Where tears and sad partings are banished forever.