Words and Music by Harry McCarthy.

[The music of this song can be procured of the Oliver Ditson Co., Boston, Mass., owners of the copyright.]

Young stranger, what land claims thy birth?
For thy flag is but new to the sea,
And where is the nation on earth,
That the right of this flag gives to thee;
Thy banner reminds us of one
By the Champions of Freedom unfurled,
And the proudest of nations have owned,
’Twas a glory and pride to the world;
That flag was the “Stripes and Stars,”
And the colors of thine are the same,
But thou hast the “Stars and the Bars,”
Oh, stranger, pray tell us thy name.

That flag, with its garland of fame,
Proudly waved o’er my father and me,
And my grandsires died to proclaim
It the flag of the brave and the free;
But alas! for the flag of my youth;
I have sighed and dropped my last tear,
For the North has forgotten her truth,
And would tread on the rights we hold dear;
They envied the South her bright Stars,
Her glory, her honor, her fame,
So we unfurled the “Stars and the Bars”
And the Confederate Flag is its name.

And her bright colors shone forth,
All glorious in fair Freedom’s light,
We swore to remember their birth,
And in her honor forever to fight;
So woe to the foeman who’ll dare,
Our Southern soil to invade,
For bless’d by the smiles of the fair,
And in right’s powerful armor arrayed;
We’ll strike for our Southern stars,
Our honor, our glory, our fame,
We’ll strike for the “Stars and the Bars,”
For the Confederate Flag is its name.