Air—“Rosin the Bow.”

Hark! the tocsin is sounding, my comrades;
Bind your knapsacks—away let us go,
Where the flag of the freeman is waving—
March to vanquish the ruffian foe!

Chorus.—Ho for Liberty! Freedom or death, boys,
That’s the watchword, away let us go
To the sound of the drum and the bugle,
March to vanquish the ruffian foe!

Farewell to the scenes of my childhood,
To my mother, who’s praying for me;
She would weep if the son of her bosom
From the face of a foeman should flee.

Farewell to the home and the hearthstone,
Where my sisters are weeping for me;
Oh; the foot of the spoilers shall never,
Stain the home of the brave and the free.

Adieu, thou beloved of my bosom!
For thy soldier-love shed not a tear;
But beseech the great Lord of the battle,
To protect him and all he holds dear.

Adieu, honored father! who taught me,
For the rights of a freeman to stand—
To resist, when his rod, the aggressor,
Shakes in wrath o’er my dear native land.

Oh, my country, thou home of my loved ones!
You, the tyrant would seek to enslave—
Sweep you off from the face of creation,
Wake, freemen, our country to save!

Hear the threats of that ruthless banditti,
Who for “booty” and “beauty” would fight;
Shall they sweep our loved South from creation?
No! her sons will arise in their might!

“Sweep the South from the face of the earth!” boys?
We can sweep, too, O land of our birth!
For our homes and our altars and dear ones,
We the ruffians can sweep from the earth.

Adieu to the church, where the Christian
For the soldier and Sabbath will pray;
But the Bible and chaplain go with us,
And Jehovah, our God, is our stay!

When the old British lion oppressed us,
He with Washington went to the field;
Unto Him we will look in the battle,
And will strike ’til the enemy yield!