The Castle by the Sea, by E. N.


And didst thou see that castle,
That castle by the sea?
The rosy-tinctured cloudlets
Float o'er it bright and free.
'Twould be bending down its shadows
Into the crystal deep,—
In the sunset's rays all glowing
'Twould tower with haughty sweep.
"Ay, wot ye well, I saw it—
That castle by the sea,
And the pale moon standing o'er it,
And mists hung on its lee."
The wind and ocean's rolling,
Was their voice fresh and strong?
Came from its halls the echoes
Of lute and festal song?
"The winds, the waves around it
In sullen stillness slept,
Forth came a song of wailing,—
I heard it, and I wept."
The king and his proud ladye,
Were they pacing that high hall,
With crowns of gold, and girded
In purple and in pall?
And led they not exulting
A maid of rarest mould,
Bright as the sun, and beaming
In tresses all of gold?
"I saw that king and ladye—
The crown gemmed not their hair,
Dark mourning weeds were on them—
The maid I saw not there."