The Man in the Tub by May E. Stone


Come here, little folks, while I rub and I rub!

O, there once was a man who lived in a tub,

In a classical town far over the seas;

The name of this fellow was Diogenes.

And this is the story: it happened one day

That a wonderful king came riding that way;

Said he, to the man in the tub, "How d'ye do?

I'm Great Alexander; now, pray, who are you?"

O, yes, to be clean you must rub, you must rub!

Though he lived and he slept and ate in a tub,

This singular man, in towns where he halted,

History tells us was greatly exalted.

He rose in his tub: "I am Diogenes."

"Dear me," quoth the king, who'd been over the seas,

"I've heard of you often; now, what can I do

To aid such a wise individual as you?"

Could one expect manners, I ask, as I rub,

From a man quite content to live in a tub?

"Get out of my sunlight," growled Diogenes

To this affable king who'd been o'er the seas.