Miss Rosebud by Anonymous

Bring the black horse, bring the red sleigh

Miss Rose-bud her-self goes rid-ing to-day!

Once on a time—the story-

book time when an-i-mals wore

clothes and could talk—there

were three mod-el mice. Their

names were Gray Cloak, Fine

Ear and Sat-in Slip-per.

Sat-in Slip-per had a spoon of

her own, Fine Ear had a knife,

and Gray Cloak owned a fork.

One day they thought they

would club the knife and the

fork and the spoon to-geth-er,

and keep house. As they

were mod-el mice, they eas-i-ly

a-greed where to live. They

chose Farm-er Jones' cel-lar,

be-cause there were bar-rels of

ap-ples, bas-kets of eggs, and

shelves loaded with good-ies,

and an egg, or an ap-ple, or a

stray cake would not be missed.

"I lived once," said Gray

Cloak, "in the cel-lar of a

wom-an who bought by the

doz-en or the dime's worth,

and she missed the least lit-

tle thing at once, so that fi-

nal-ly I left in dis-gust."

Such good times as those

three mice had! The cel-lar

had a smooth, wa-ter-limed

floor, a beau-ti-ful place to play

mar-bles, blind-man's-buff and,

Kit-ty-kit-ty-cor-ner. They al-

ways ate from the same egg,

and as Farm-er Jones kept his

cats at the barn, there was

noth-ing to spoil their com-

fort for many years.